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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

A Lesson about Fearing Negative Energies

The subject of negative energies is an increasingly popular one and on the mind of many.

While it is an important and emotionally charged subject, it is much too involved to address in this session story article but I will state that it is my belief that much of what is being relayed is not accurate and is actually causing more damage than good.

Energy is simply energy and it is humans that give things definition, labels and meaning. If we are told that something, like energy, can be negative and hurt us …. their is a large population that will believe it. They will become even more so inclined to believe it if we emotionally heighten the definitions with even more scary labels such as entities or demons which conjure up images of some invisible force outside of you that can control or even hurt you. The mind is very powerful and can create amazingly vivid and strong beliefs.

In this session, the client also had the subject of negative energies on her mind. She had been contemplating the many different perspectives about it but without having any first hand experience and uncertain about her own inner guidance, was left with very few answers. Little did she realize that by having the subject on her mind so much, she was actually attracting it! Her Higher Self recognized her desire to know the truth and so a plan was hatched to help her discover the truth for herself.

Negative Energy

The client, whom I will call Betty, had a very interesting experience a few months back. During a meditation, she felt a very dense and heavy energy coming into her body. She experienced a heightened vibration that became so intense that she could not move any part of her body and was unable to sit up; she felt a heavy energy holding her down. Mentally, she remained sharp and fully aware of what was happening but physically, she felt helpless.

Initially, she decided that being new sensations, she would keep an open mind and try not to jump to conclusions about labeling the experience as being bad or good. As the intensity grew however, her curiosity started to diminish and she became fearful. It was at this point that she called in Archangel Michael and her team of Angels to assist her because despite her demands that "it" leave, the intensity only grew. Calling in for spiritual intervention and help did not seem to make any difference though so after several more minutes, she decided that she couldn't just lay there and permit it to go on so she mustered up enough strength to move her limbs ever so slightly and eventually, roll up into a sitting position. She found speaking extremely difficult but even with that, she continued to dig deep for the power and strength to move her body and get words out of her mouth … words of demands that the energy leave her body at once!

Since this time, Betty had remained curious about what had happened as it never happened again so in this session, the question was posed to her Higher Self.

What happened the night when she experienced the heavy energy that was holding her down?

The energy was brought to her to show her the level of inner strength she has. She had never experienced this type of challenging energy before. She wanted this opportunity and challenge so that she could validate her strength in being able to manage it and to be able to show herself that even with an energy like this, she has the internal capacity and strength to withstand what she perceived as being a negative energy. When negative energies are present, she now knows that, without question, she does not need to fear them despite their presence, she is still stronger.

What type of energy was it?

It was an energy, just like any energy. Energy is just energy; it is neither good or bad. Only man made labels and perceptions make them different than they truly are and through free will, they choose their beliefs about them. We permitted her mind to perceive this energy as a very powerful negative energy and it began a battle within her for the planned purpose of showing her that even in a battle with a darker energy, she would win and overcome.

She’s often contemplated this concept of negative energy and whether they are to be feared and to what extent their power has in relationship to the power she has within her. So, this was a planned opportunity for her to have that battle so that she could see for herself that she’s capable of taking on such a battle and she has the strength to withstand those types of energies. This event was, therefore, a way to answer her question about this subject.

During the event, she says that she called out to her Angels to assist her, but they did not?

The angels did not want to interfere because that would have taken away from her opportunity for her to do it for herself; the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. She got rid of it by demanding it; by standing strong and not giving away her power. She stood firm in her power and she insisted on it leaving; she did not give into it. She had a moment of fear, but she continued to fight and eventually it subsided.

Is it something she might encounter again?

Only if she desires it; if she desires or feels the need to test her strength against a darker energy, she can invite in these challenges but if she is self-confident and no longer requires challenges to prove things to herself, then they won’t be necessary.

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