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  • Am I a good candidate for hypnosis?
    Their are many types of individuals that no, are not good candidates for hypnosis and this is a great question to explore with yourself and Practitioner well before a session. Generally, if your mind "races" a lot with lots of chatter that is difficult to control, are a "left brained" or "Type A" person, I would recommend that you reach out to me before moving forward with a session so that we can talk more about it. I would rather take pause to work with you before a session so that when you do have an appointment, it is a successful one. The ideal candidiate is one that can quiet the mind and relax the body without a substantial amount of effort. These are folks that are usually creative, imaginative and whom we would refer to as "right brained" type individuals. Often, they meditate, do yoga or use other means to practice stilling the mind. I encourage you review the visualization exercises and blog articles about visualization and left/right brain ways of thinking as they will assist you in determining if working more on this would be of benefit to you.
  • Will I be able to be hypnotized?
    In my experience, most everyone can be hypnotized. It is the mindset of what hypnotism should be that may create a block. Hypnosis is not like a drug that will take over your consciousness. You are in control of how deep you want to go and this is measured by your sincere desire to find answers to your questions. Self-conscious fear of what may be revealed and inability to let go of control are the most common blocks. Therefore, remember that your Higher Self is the one choosing your experience with your highest good being the priority! Also, those with a guarded attitude that is on hyper-vigilance may need to work more on this first before trying to explore past lives. Expectaton is another potential issue so trusting that your Higher Self will give you the experience that you need is very important. The needs of every person is different, I have seen people with childhood trauma needing 2 to 4 sessions before they can explore past lives. Often the Higher Self chooses to clear these present traumas before uncovering past life experiences that would create more stress. In other cases, I've seen the Higher Self use 1-2 sessions to simply help the client practice calming the mind so that they can then have a truly magical past life experience. Some people think that they are making up the experience at first or in some cases, even encouraged! However, if you just allow the process to unfold, the imagination becomes the doorway to the deep unconscious mind where the memories of past lives and between lives are stored. Before you know it you are in the experience!
  • What type of hypnosis is used & will I remember anything?
    This is not stage hypnotism but clinical hypnotism. The depth of the state of trance varies with each individual. About 4% will go deeper than most and will not remember their experience. Session are always recorded and you will receive a copy of this recording. A trance is very fluid and not ridged so expect to come in and out from light to deeper states of trance like a wave. As such, being conscious at times gives many clints the impression that they remember their session; until of course, they listen to the recording and notice the gaps in their recollection. The hypnotic trance is similar to a deep mediation or shamanic journey in which the brain enters the cycle of Theta waves that we experience twice a day; just before we go to sleep and as we awaken. The “wave perception is like a dual awareness where part of your mind knows that you are having a conversation, but another part of your mind tunes out the distractions and just pays attention to the memories that are coming to the surface.
  • Will I have to experience the pain of a difficult past life?
    No. You do not have to. Some past lives can be very emotional and if you are experiencing discomfort, I use suggestions to disassociate you from the experience so you look at it from the observer point of view. You do not need to re-experience the trauma. However in some case the experience itself is important and again we trust the Higher Self to allow only what is for your highest good.
  • Do I have to believe in reincarnation or God?
    No. Past lives can be looked at as merely a story or even a dream surfacing from your subconscious. If time is an illusion then what are past lives? From the therapeutic point of view, I would say that it really doesn’t matter. And we can leave this debate to philosopher and other seeker of truth. Yet, as long as it brings healing, peace, direction in the form of wisdom and revelation, I trust the process and the guidance that I perceive as real. A belief in God or any Higher Power is also not necessary. You only need to believe in the power of your own mind.
  • Is physical healing possible with QHHT
    Yes, it is very possible and does occur often with QHHT, BQH and other healing modalities that may be use in the course of your session. However, if you were born with a particular condition, there might be a reason for it and something that you are still needing to learn from it before your Higher Self agrees to remove it. During your session, we will speak with your Higher Self to find out everything we need to know to best address ailments. Some conditions can even stem from past life experiences or traumas. One client who could not have children relived 3 past lives in one session where she either died in childbirth or her child died in childbirth. She had vowed not to be pregnant again. We focused on healing these past life traumas to integrate them with the Soul, so the issue never need to be revisited in other lives.
  • Is their an age requirement for hypnosis?
    Generally, I will not have a hypnosis type session with anyone that is 16 years or younger but due to levels of maturity being so individual, I try to evaluate every case on a case by case basis. Outside of maturity, other essential factors are the intentions and expectations of the person. I ask that you please reach out to me so we can discuss it further.
  • Can I have a friend or family member present during my session?
    No, this is not permitted. Not only is your session private but it is important that you feel that do not have to hold back or be anything more or less than your own authentic self.
  • Can I be made to do something embarassing or against my wishes?
    Most definitely not! When in a trance state, your conciousness is still quite present. It simply steps aside to allow your subconcious and Higher Self to come forward. It is an absolute myth that a person can be hypnotized to perform "tricks" or act in any matter that would go against a persons normal demeanor.

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