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Metaphysical Meanings of Metals

You might find it surprising that different metals hold different metaphysical meanings and have different vibrational benefits.  Remember, just as with anything, metals are simply another form of energy and so from this perspective, it actually makes a lot of sense.  Have you ever noticed that you feel differently when wearing jewelry, for example, made of different metals?  If so, your already well on your way to fully understanding the powers that metals hold!


Ancient civilizations viewed metals as mysterious materials found deep inside the earth and believed them to be full of spiritual powers and potential for creation as well as destruction. While Alchemy tries to understand the meaning of the metals and elements, Astrology is concerned with the interpretation of the zodiac and planets. The two were always considered to be related, and an understanding of one was thought to be helpful in understanding the other. As such, metallurgy and spiritual alchemy went hand in hand. The metals were believed to have a spiritual connection, and every metal carried a special significance. The alchemists believed that each element had a physical representation and also a philosophical meaning.


This guide, listing some of the most common metals, will assist you, especially when using metals in spiritual based crafts (such as the case of Orgones) so that you can utilize this knowledge to better amplify or direct your intentions.


ALUMINUM is associated with Uranus. Astrologically, modern interpretations associate Uranus with the principles of genius, individuality, new and unconventional ideas, discoveries, electricity, inventions, and the beginnings of the industrial revolution. Uranus, among all planets, most governs genius. Aluminum strongly reflects etheric energies, much more than any other metal. In the magical sense, aluminum can deflect incoming energies. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust, and in the soil. It is a good thermal and electrical conductor. Despite its natural abundance, aluminum has no known function in biology.


BISMUTH is the strongest natural diamagnetic element. Diamagnetic means that it creates a magnetic field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field. The spiral, stair-stepped structure of bismuth crystals is the result of a higher growth rate around the outside edges than on the inside edges. The variations in the thickness of the oxide layer that forms on the surface of the crystal causes different wave lengths of light to interfere upon reflection, thus displaying a rainbow of colors. In medicine, bismuth has disinfectant and contracting properties, so it is used for injuries and the healing of wounds. In its mineral form, it enhances the ability to regenerate the mucus membranes and is helpful with gastritis and stomach ulcers. Some people see bismuth as helping in transformation, as a connection to the crown chakra, and helping in the transition to the astral plane.


BRASS is a combination of metals Zinc and Copper, and thus combines the properties of both metals. 

BRONZE is an alloy of Copper and Tin, and thus combines the properties of both metals. 

COPPER is associated with the planet Venus, and thus love and feelings. Copper is a good electrical conductor, and can be used to transfer spiritual energies too. This mineral can combat lethargy, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance of oneself. It emits a philosophic energy, free of orthodoxy and bias. Copper activates and opens the base and sacral chakras, advancing and stabilizing the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire, and vitality; directing these energies toward the pursuit of one’s path of evolution. It allows one to recognize the barriers which are in the path of one’s development. In Ayurveda, Copper alleviates excess kapha (elements water and earth) and can therefore support weight loss.

GOLD promotes the distribution of energy and vitality in the body. It is 'warming' and promotes good circulation. It helps with problems and diseases of the sexual organs, supports functioning of glands, and assists healing damaged bones and tissues. Gold regulates conduction of impulses in the nervous system as well as helps us out of depression; fear of death, and in severe cases, inclination to commit suicide. It gives self -confidence and confers self-consciousness, releases destructive influences. Gold brings fourth our innermost core, our essence to light, gives meaning to life, and enables realization of good deeds and projects. It represents generosity and being magnanimous.


IRON is associated with the planet Mars. Iron is present in the center of the Earth. Therefore, you can use iron as a grounding tool for earthbound work and at the same time, as a universal tool for other work. Iron is also one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and thus can be used to connect with the macro=cosmos. The amount of oxygen we are able to absorb into our bodies from the air we breathe depends entirely upon the amount of iron present in the blood to combine with it and carry it to every extremity of the body. As we breathe, the presence of iron permeates our system with the energy and rhythm of Mars, giving us life and reflecting the wider, measured orbit of this planet which swings with its own eccentric rhythm close to and then widely away from Earth. Overall, iron is a great rejuvenator carrying vital forces throughout the etheric and physical organism.

MAGNESIUM is associated with the Sun. It is a light weight metal that burns extremely hot, with a brilliant light. Magnesium is essential for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes in the body, particularly those that produce, transport, store, and utilize energy. This includes: protein synthesis. DNA and RNA in our cells require magnesium for cell growth and development; sparking of the electrical signals that must travel throughout the miles of nerves in our bodies, including our brain, heart, and other organs; normal blood pressure, vascular tone, transmission of nerve cell signals, and blood flow; functioning of all nerves and muscles; and release and binding of adequate amounts of serotonin in the brain. 

MAGNETITE is a form of iron oxide. Magnetite is a black mineral form of iron oxide that crystallizes in the cubic  or isometric system, namely all crystals which have their crystallographic axes of equal length at 90 degrees to each other. It is a mixed Iron (II) Iron (III) oxide, Fe3O4, and is one of the major ores of iron that is strongly magnetic. Magnetite forms octahedron crystals. In humans, a cluster of nerves and magnetite crystals is present in front of the pituitary gland, behind the ethmoid sinus. Their physical design makes us sensitive to magnetic fields.

SILVER is associated with the moon, and emotions. Silver destroys every known virus on contact. It destroys harmful fungus and bacteria while keeping healthy tissue and good bacteria intact. Much has been written, discovered, and experienced about colloidal silver being the world's most powerful antibiotic. The body also uses silver to heal damaged tissue. Silver is a high level conductor, an open river that carries all things both ways. Silver absorbs many things but it doesn't store them which makes it into a very good metal for magical charms that need to flow and work on a continuous basis and without needing to be cleaned in between. In Ayurveda is used to treat fevers, weakness, and internal inflammation, especially conditions of the intestines and gallbladder. Silver promotes the receptive, mediumistic side of our nature. It encourages a sense of community and an interest in traditional values. Silver also enhances the ability to see varying qualities of light and to harmonize inner life rhythms with the cycles of nature. 

TIN is associated with the planet Jupiter. This planet is associated with abundance, prosperity, growth and success. Jupiter is the planet of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation. Tin shines with a silvery sheen; it is a stable metal and does not oxidize. It has curiously contrasting properties; although soft and pliable (its softness lies between lead and gold) it has a crystalline structure of great inner strength. It also has a brittle quality; when bent, it makes a crackling sound described as the ‘tin cry’ as the inner crystals rub against each other. Tin has a tetragonal crystalline structure when compared to the other six traditional planetary metals which generally crystallize in the form of small octahedrons. Tetrahedrons always help in concentrating and amplifying power. Tin is considered a trace mineral, or micro-mineral. It is found in small amounts in our body and is believed to play a part in our overall health and bodily processes. Tin is found in human tissues and in the greatest amounts in the supra-renal glands, liver, brain, spleen, and thyroid gland. There is a higher tin content in the liver than any other organ, but the greatest amount of tin is found in the mucous membranes and tongue, another organ of Jupiter.


TITANIUM has a strong energy. Maybe this is due to its high strength and resistance to corrosion. When used in alloys, it provides great strength and at the same time it is light in weight. Titanium is one of the few metals that are completely safe to be used inside the body. In medicine titanium is used to make hip and knee replacements, pace-makers, bone-plates and screws and cranial plates for skull fractures. It has also been used to attach false teeth. There is very small amount of titanium in the human body and it is believed that most passes through us without being absorbed. Titanium is widely used in jewelry, like rings.

ZINC activates all kinds of different hormones and enzymes. It enhances the effect of insulin and helps with diabetes, supports the immune system and promotes production of growth hormones and sex hormones. The function of the male sexual organs, formation of seminal vesicles, is stimulated. Prostrate disorders and problems with the ovaries are improved. Zinc also regulates the development of the brain and sensory perception. It encourages regeneration and healing of wounds, bone formation and toughening of the outer layer of skin, hair and nails. Zinc protects the organism against harmful substances and radiation. Zinc promotes the development of intelligence, abstract thinking. It helps with exhaustion, weakness, loss of courage and fearfulness, restlessness, sleep disturbance, particularly with loss of sleep due to too many ideas and thoughts running through the mind. Zinc encourages spontaneity and intuition.

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