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The love of service.  The gratitude of clients.
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"When you see it, you can’t unsee it!


True Story. During my practice session I was unable to let go of my left brain ‘logic’. Christine gave me some pointers to look over prior to the actual session, and to watch an Eckart Tolle video to relax into the present moment. I did these two hours before the actual session. They were absolutely 100% what was needed to be able to see Clearly and in color.


I clearly was able to go to both a past life and a future life, thanks to Christine’s guidance.


More interestingly enough is two days later, someone sent me a. GIF of two people kissing, and it was exactly my husband and myself in the future, exact image. I hesitate putting this on the review, because it seems so far out there, but it is exactly and clearly the two of us.


Christine was able to clear my mind and turn off my left brain logic, so that my right brain was allowed to Crystal clear see in color. I 100 percent highly suggest that you read the four pages that she sends to practice before your session."  


~ Sandy

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