The love of service.  The gratitude of clients.

Small Green Plants

"Christine, I just wanted to send so much gratitude your way for this session that felt so transformative for me! Your openness, compassion, care paired with your mastery and knowledge, made for a smooth and wonderful experience!


The practice session you offer really helped me with any obstacles that would have gotten in the way during my session - mainly, getting stuck in my head. The information you gave in your email about how to prepare for sessions was also incredibly helpful to the experience.


Christine made it really easy for me to go down into a deep state, so that I could access my past life smoothly and with ease.


Since our session, I've been feeling amazing - it is as if a part of myself that had died, has now been reawakened. I'm feeling so connected to myself and who I am!! I'm so grateful for this experience, and for Christine's time, energy, wisdom and direction!


Truly a transformative experience!"

                                                                               ~ Seth