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The love of service.  The gratitude of clients.
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"A Life-Altering Experience!

I am certain that Christine’s passion for her life calling and her years of experience guiding people through quantum healing allowed me to have a life-altering experience that will support me throughout my lifetime.  

I have found so many things about Christine’s practice style beneficial.  She responded to my email quickly.  She exuded kindness, mindfulness, compassion and happiness on her emails, on the phone and in-person.  Her practice session was invaluable.  It provided me the opportunity to sense her deep connection to my soul.  She was calm, patiently answered my many questions, and helped me realize that it was easy for me to be induced into a trance state, and…my experience while in trance during my practice session was fun!

My in-person session was priceless.  The space was very comfortable and time just disappeared.

I’m so grateful to have a copy of the recorded session.  I didn’t think I would forget any of my session.  By the time I listened to my recording the next afternoon I had forgotten a few key points.  Without the recording, information important for me to know would have been lost.

My quantum healing session was unlike a past life regression I experienced several years ago.  This experience feels more deeply connected to my soul and the universe.

Thank you Christine for being my quantum healing guide."

                                                                                    ~Diane Weinrich


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