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Pro Bono Opportunities

Like me, most humans have a natural pull towards mysteries of all kinds. The unknown - it captivates our imaginations in the chance that by understanding, we might then understand our own life and where our place is in the world. 

There are countless mysteries that range from ancient times, lost worlds, universal-space, life after death experiences to extra terrestrial planetary life.  Some of the questions are merely curiosity while others lie at the intersection of physics and other sciences and yet others probe the very nature of reality.  One thing I do know is that when we open ourselves up to these and many other mysteries, we expand our perspectives and ability to see the world in very different ways.

I have seen the "impossible" with Quantum Healing. I have had clients connect with past life aspects that are in the midst of planetary battles as extra-terrestrials, returned to Atlantis as it came crashing down, visited future lives, experienced instantaneous healings, returned to Source and so very, very much more. 


Ultimately, the Seeker of Knowledge within me knows that through Quantum Healing, we have the ability to go back into time, go into other dimensions and to visit any realm that we can possible conceive of and so really, their are no mysteries that we cannot solve.  I also know though that Spirit is the one that grants access to the intended destination and so curiosity alone is not always good enough; their must be purpose with clear intention and reason. 

Free Quantum Healing Sessions

It is for this reason that I offer pro bono Quantum Healing sessions for clients that have had specific "mysterious" type experiences and have a genuine desire to understand, get answers and if applicable, to resolve any conflicts that they might be having between their experience and their current physical life.   


Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Extra terrestrial abductions and visitations

  • Near death experiences (NDE's)

  • Unexplained and "out of this world" synchronicities or events 

  • Anyone who suffers from somnambulism

If you have, or are currently, experiencing something of mystery, as described above, and have interest in re-visiting that event to uncover it's answers (or simply to re-experience it), I'd like to speak with you.  Please e-mail me at and tell me about it.

Do you offer a service that you have interest in trading? 
Contact me and let's talk about it! 

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