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Spirit Releasement Therapy - Healing After SRT- Part 3 of 3

Ultimately, the release of external spirit type entities involves non-dualistic wisdom and compassion. The methods used are not at all similar to what we see in a traditional exorcism as that would imply confronting, fighting with, and driving out an ‘evil’ spirit. Spirit Releasement Therapy, (“SRT”) does not fight or threaten; it engages in dialogue and delivers a firm message. It presents a stronger and more accurate frame of reality. It doesn’t address the spirit as evil; it’s never a matter of good vs evil, but is in truth, a matter of knowledge vs ignorance, delivered with compassion. The archaic methods of exorcisms, as seen in many movies, only serves to provoke and ultimately feeds into an angry and rebellious reaction whereby a more rational approach is usually enough to coax the spirit out of the client and into the Light, where it should have been all along.

Can Anyone Have an Attachment?

It’s important to state that most people, throughout their lives, have been affected by attachments of varying degrees. Most attachments are random, and it would be rare to find someone who is impervious to these attachments. It’s simply a reality that for the majority of the population, as our energy and vibration is affected by lower emotions and thoughts, we become open to attachments that are in alignment with the entity’s energy and thusly, they feel a pull towards you. This means that as you find your way out of these lower vibrational emotions, and thoughts, and do the necessary healing so as to once again raise your vibration, these attachments will naturally leave on their own accord as they are no longer in alignment with your now higher vibration. What this means is that in most cases, SRT is in fact only going to be necessary for those rare cases where the client has not been successful in raising their vibration and needs support and assistance in removing the attachment. While the method of releasing an attachment varies, it’s always done in a cooperative manner with the attachment itself and the client, and if necessary, with the assistance of Spirit Guides or the clients Higher Self.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Healing After SRT

The healing work after releasing an attachment is an essential component of SRT. When working with a client that has an attachment, it’s important that the client understand what behaviors and beliefs left them vulnerable in the first place. This is where we help the client take back their power and help to frame the experience of a spirit attachment as being helpful in the context of the client’s lifelong spiritual journey and learning.

The issues of the body and mind that a client has in this life or from a past life can have everything do to with the spirit attachment. So, to ensure our SRT efforts are maintained, we need to resolve the conflicts and heal the emotional vulnerability which first allowed the spirit attachment.

Finally we want to ensure the client looks back on their SRT sessions as being helpful, and indeed being at peace with even the experience of an attachment, in much the same way we wouldn’t wish upon ourselves a serious disease, but we can appreciate it was a vehicle for us to learn valuable spiritual lessons and grow.

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