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Clearing and Recharging Crystals
In 6 Easy Steps

When I invite new crystals into my home, the first order of business is to do an initial clearing and then infuse them with the energies of my intentions.  When this is done, I then spend days to weeks energetically connecting with them while taking this time to learn about their qualities, history and how to best care for them.  These gifts from the Universe are amazing and beautiful but more importantly, they are resources for our overall well-being.  If taken care of properly and used with reverence and intention, they can provide tremendous benefits to our mind, body and soul!


     A.  Preparing for the clearing and recharging of crystals

If you’re like me, performing a crystal clearing by way of a ritual or prayer provides an atmosphere of respect and gratitude to the magnificence of crystals.  It heightens the sacredness and power of the ritual, while increasing transformative effects.  For me, setting the stage includes meditation or Native American Indian music and often, repeating a mantra throughout the process.  How you choose to prepare is entirely up to you; there is absolutely no wrong way to go about this process so always follow your intuition with what works best for you.  Also optional is to perform the clearing/charging of new crystals at a spiritual alter and include the Five Elements of the Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the Ether (or Spirit). 


  • The symbol for the element fire, is usually represented by a candle; representing creative energy, inspiration, strong will and sexuality.


  • Water is most often symbolized by a chalice or cup of water or even sea shells; representing emotions, intuition, healing and reflecting.


  • For the element of Air, one might use natural incense, white sage, feathers, a bird image, or even a writing implement; for air represents knowledge and powers of the mind.


  • Earth symbols that can be placed on an altar might be flowers, crystals or stones; representing nature, feeling 'grounded', security and material well-being.


  • Ether, or spirit, is the space in which everything happens. It is the field that is simultaneously the source of all matter and the space in which it exists. It can be basic as in gravity or elusive as with intuition. In traditional craft, it's symbol is often the caldron but can also be a mirror, crystal ball, God/dess image, a picture of an ancestor, or even a butterfly; for these are all metaphors for the soul or spirit. 


If you do decide to use the Five Elements, it's a good idea to place the objects so the elements correspond with their directions, or in a circle with spirit in the center. The four directions would be: fire - South; lower right corner, water - West; upper left corner, air - East; upper right corner, and earth - North; in the lower left corner with spirit - above center of these four directions thereby completing a star shape pattern (or if you prefer, placed in the center of these four corners.)


      B.  Clearing (or Cleansing) your new crystals

Crystals are made up of energy; they are very much “alive” and over time, they pick up energetic emotions and patterns from those that have touched them prior to their coming into your life.


  • There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.  Some of these include burying them, using water, putting them outside to soak up the rays of the Sun or Full Moon and using sage to “smudge” them.  Sage smoke is powerful way to cleanse both your stones and the environment where they live. You can do this one of two ways. You can hold the stones close to the stream of the smoke, or simply hold your smudge stick near to where they are sitting so the air around them is full of the sage essence.  Smudge sticks using lavender, cedar, lemongrass and other plants are available and are also very effective.

  • Until you know about each stone and any possible sensitivity to the sun or water each one might have, smudging with sage is always recommended.  You can re-cleanse whenever you feel it is necessary such as after they have been exposed to someone filled with anger or hostility or after they have been handled by someone other than yourself.  The key is that they connect with your energy and only yours so diligent safe keeping is important. Listen and follow your intuition to know when they need clearing again. 

  • When smudging, using the opportunity to smudge yourself and your home is always a great idea!


     C.  Charging your crystals with your intentions 

Charging crystals with your energy helps them stay focused. Once they are charged, it’s best to not let others handle them (unless you are charging specifically for others or client work) as they will absorb the energy of other people. You can charge all of your crystals at once by imagining them soaked in healing energy. They can also be charged individually or in groups. It’s up to you; there is right or wrong way to charge them, let your intuition be your guide.


  • To live through intentions is to live through awareness and consciously.  In contrast, living without intention is to live unconsciously where all we do is to react to life and its events.  Just as we should wake up with the intention to be a good example, to be kind, etc., we must communicate our intentions to our crystals so that they know exactly what you need and want. 


Some examples of how crystals can be charged with your intentions:

  • If you are charging your crystals individually, you can charge your crystals based upon their specific vibration and frequency such as charging Rose Quartz with love to support your relationships with loved ones.  Stones used for healing purposes can be charged to intensify their healing properties. Protective type stones (such as Tourmaline) can be charged to support and enhance your inner knowing, strength and courage to release fears related to self-judgment and to assist you in doing those things that you know are for your highest good such as eating healthy.

  • If you are charging your crystals as a group, hold your hands above them, with the palms of your hands facing them as you imagine the brilliant white light of Universal Energy streaming from your hands upon them as you name off 4-5 intentions that you wish to infuse them with.  You can use specific intentions, such as the ones noted above or they can be more universal such as charging them with the energies of health and vitality, abundance and prosperity or the energies of support in your spiritual growth and advancements.  A more general intention could also include that they be restored to their original state of Divinity and vibration of love and support for your highest good.


     D.  Close the Ritual with Gratitude

I like to close the cleansing and charging ritual with a prayer of gratitude. As gifts, it’s always respectful to give thanks to the crystals, the Elements, Mother Nature and the Universe.  After giving thanks, you can burn myrrh, frankincense, cedar, sage or whatever feels right to bring in more positive energy and to signify the closing of the ritual.


     E.  Connect with your crystals

Now that your stones are cleared and infused with your intentions, it is important that you connect with them on an energetic level.  To do this, you simply want to keep them near you or on you.  You can carry them in your purse, in a pocket, under your pillow or bed at night or even keep them on your desk at work.  The goal is for both your energy and that of the crystals to be connected to each other - to become “in synch” with each other. 


  • Hold them as often as possible.  As you do, look and feel it closely. How does each stone feel?  Is it warm or cold to the touch?  What colors or markings do they have?  Do they have special features that are brought out when held towards the sun?  Do you feel any sensations or tingling?  Emotionally, do you feel different with one crystal versus another?  Holding an expansive stone like rose quartz, one can experience the vibrational feelings of love-like bliss, joy, safety, and comfort without the external exchange of love. But holding a more grounding stone like black tourmaline can offer a sense of stability in the face of fears like losing your job.


  • About feeling their energy through sensations or tingling, there are NO wrong answers to these inquiries. Especially if you are newer to working with energy, it can take months or even years until you can feel the energy of crystals.  Do not set yourself up with any expectations on what “should” or “should not” be happening!  Trust that regardless of what you see or feel, they feel your energy and yes - even hear you!  Be gentle and patient with yourself - you did not learn how to ride a bike overnight and you will not be a master of crystals and energy overnight either. 


     F.  Learn and understand the vibrational qualities (aka “personality”) of each stone

Every crystal has its own personality and unique qualities; understanding these things will maximize their longevity for your long-term use of them.  Some key information that you should know includes:


  • Hardness and Toughness.  Knowing where your crystal falls on the Mohs scale will tell you about its durability and/or fragility.  Softer crystals can be easily scratched or broken and should not be put into a bag of crystals that are higher on the Mohs hardness scale.

  • Stability.  Heat, sudden temperature changes or prolonged exposure to intense light can poorly affect some crystals and cause them to fade or even break.

  • Cleaning.  While some crystals will be fine with water, there are others that should only be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth. If you don’t know how to best clean your crystals, you can easily damage them.

  • Toxicity. Especially if making elixirs, it’s imperative that you know what minerals are within your crystals.  Some are highly toxic and can contain asbestos, copper, arsenic and Sulphur to name just a few.

  • Raw vs Tumbled and Treated vs Untreated. The overall composition of a crystal can change enormously based upon its natural state and whether any additives, such as dyes, have been infused into them.

  • Storage. Based upon the crystals hardness, stability and overall composition, care must be taken to know how to store each one.  In some cases, it is recommended that certain crystals not be stored with each other due to how they react with one another.


Ultimately, the level of healing and overall benefit that you receive from your crystals will be based upon your intentions and ability to simply remain open to their healing abilities.  You do not even have to “believe” in the power of crystals - but you do need to believe that you deserve happiness and healing as well as be open and allowing to their powers.  No different than your Angels and Guides that can only step in to assist if they are firstly, asked to assist and secondly, you are open to their assistance.  Over time, this apparent “blind trust” will begin to reveal itself in ways that will amaze you - and this is when your faith will start to become true belief.  You will start to feel emotionally stronger; more confident; more aware of yourself and your emotions and those around you.  You will feel more grounded and connected to Mother Earth; less emotional outbursts or fits of frustration.  Your overall well-being will feel “lighter” as you lose layers of burdens and worries that we’re never yours to take on in the first place.  Only when you are in a place of allowance, can you reap the rewards of stepping into the light body of the “I Am” that you have always been but simply forgot due to the high level of programming that we’ve all been exposed to generation after generation. 


I send you blessings of mental clarity, enlightenment, healing, support and love.  May your journey be filled with joyous wonderment and excitement as you open yourself up to a completely new path with amazing insights of who you REALLY are - a beautiful spiritual being having a physical experience, rather than a physical being embarking upon spiritual experiences.  With patience, dedication and focus, you will remember! 

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