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Spirit Releasement Therapy in Quantum Healing Sessions - Part 1

Spirit Releasement Therapy

The concept of releasing spirits from human beings is something that has been written and spoken about for millennia. These universally described phenomena are most often recalled as being written about in the Bible with Jesus healing someone by ‘casting out unclean spirits,’ but most religions have spirit releasement related traditions that define in detail, spiritual dimensions and beings.

When I decided to add Spirit Releasement Therapy (“SRT”) to my Quantum Healing practice, I did so because I felt that in general, the concept of attachments was highly misunderstood. I began to see a distinct pattern of clients who were drawing immediate conclusions that their mental or emotional issues were the fault of an external spirit that had attached to them; instead of seeing the possibility that their issues were being a derivative from their own emotions and belief systems. As part of this pattern, I also began to see more and more fear within clients; fear of not knowing if they might have an attachment and if they did, feeling helpless towards overcoming it. My passion to empower others is my ‘hot button’ and it was certainly pushed.

On the surface, this fear might seem reasonable and yet through empowerment, education and having a true understanding of these attachments, fear can easily be put to rest. The apparent lack of education and proper diagnosis that leads to fear is highly counter-intuitive given that fear is one of the strongest emotions that can align a person with Dark Force Entity (“DFE”). As Light Workers, I feel it’s our responsibility to not only be of support to our clients but even more importantly, empower them with true knowledge from the Light as in the end, that is all that is truly present.

Over the last hundred years or so, SRT has evolved a lot, and today has been developed into a modern form of therapy. Therapists of all kinds and from around the globe have studied SRT, and because SRT Practitioners speak on behalf of their clients, it’s not confined to any particular religion or belief system; it’s easily adaptable to individual comfort levels and needs. In fact, the concept of spirit attachment and the practice of spirit release is not based on faith at all, as are religious and mystical beliefs. They are based on the observation of clinical cases and their response to standard therapeutic techniques. This is a scientific approach, albeit one that takes account of subjective experience and is not confined by contemporary scientific theory.

SRT in Quantum Healing

In Quantum Healing, one of our fundamental focus’ is to go beyond the conscious mind to speak with the subconscious mind of our client, and more often than not, also speak with the Higher Self of the client. We do this using a method that induces a trance-like state that results in the conscious mind being set aside or “quieted,” so that the higher realm access can be achieved. It’s for this reason that within a session, we often find ourselves speaking with other spirit types, such as Spirit Guides, Angelic spirits and even Extraterrestrials. If you have ever had a Quantum Healing session or anything similar, we can easily agree that human beings are truly spiritual beings that are simply wearing what we call the human body or vessel. It’s quite difficult to argue anything else once you’ve actually experienced these types of encounters in a Quantum Healing session. In all of these cases, the spirits are not external to the client; they merely come for a short time, they ask for nothing and only give, and then they quickly go back to where they originated from. They do not attach to us, and we don’t get attached to them, and therefore these types of spirits would not fall into the category of a spirit type that would require releasing.

The other type of spirit Quantum Healing can sometimes run into is one that is external to our client, and has for a variety of reasons attached themselves to our client, and it’s for these rare occurrences that SRT is very effective. When spirits do attach themselves to a human being, there can be a wide range of consequences, and because we hold a basic human right to have sole spiritual domain over our bodies, we also hold the right to release any “extra” spirits that attach themselves to us.

There are 2 types of external spirit type entities that can be encountered in a Quantum Healing session that require SRT for effective and permanent releasement: Earthbound Spirits and Dark Force Entities. In part two of this article, we’ll get more into these spirit types and how SRT handles them.

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