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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

What’s Really Going on with Neck Pain?

neck pain

Have you ever sat at a computer so long that your neck stiffens up and starts hurting?

Our strong necks enable us to look around at our external world – to observe what is there.

This discomfort occurs when we freeze our posture in the same position for a prolonged period, causing the neck to feel rigid and stiff. We will often rub our neck, trying to loosen it up a bit.

Our necks can also become stiff and filled with tension when we are emotionally and mentally inflexible in the way we see events, situations, or relate to others. When we dig in our mental heels, evaluating life from one single point of view, tension gets trapped as blocked energy in the neck.

This is a point of great confusion. We are taught to live and speak our truth. While this is a true statement, it does not mean that we should stop seeing the perspective of others.

Consider your own beliefs and see how they have changed over time. You have evolved by listening, and learning new ways of seeing things. As beings of evolution, it is clear that everyone’s beliefs do change over time.

For many of us however, there comes a point when we mistakenly think that we must settle on what our beliefs are – we seek this because we seek to define our identity. There is no evolution without being willing to consider changing our beliefs. It is how we evolve.

What if we could open to the possibility that there are many ways of doing and seeing things, and one way does not have to be more right or wrong than the next?

How would our view of the world and other people change if we saw differences as just that – different; not wrong or right, simply different.

There is a myth hidden in our subconscious mind: if we start to see things from others point of view, then we are somehow not being faithful to our own truths and beliefs. When we believe this, fear creeps in. We put so much stock in our beliefs that we allow them to define us. When our beliefs are questioned by other ways of thinking, we often react as though our very identity is being questioned or attacked. We begin to question who we are, and allow self-criticism and self-doubt to set in. We don’t feel safe in the gray area – where we have a need for knowing if something is ‘this’ way or ‘that’ way. Our ego works hard in telling us that without a foundation of firm beliefs, we have a lack of direction and can therefore not move forward. We become stuck in indecisiveness which can result in a general lack of trust in the universe and ourselves.

A true Master knows he knows nothing, and remains open to learn and see things from every possible angle. He never settles on just one ‘truth’, instead, remaining flexible and flowing with whatever comes his way. The Master allows all types of perspectives to come and go as a healthy flow, without attachment to any one particular belief.

Neck pain is associated with the Throat Chakra. Most people think of the Throat Chakra as being limited to verbal communication, yet we see more physical and emotional manifestations stemming from the unspoken word. How often have you held back sharing your thoughts out of fear that you will not be understood or accepted? Perhaps you find yourself on the other side of the scale in which you share with indignant self-righteousness, ferociously defending your stance because you don’t feel heard.

When we find ourselves in this ‘in between’ state of having beliefs that we feel are being threatened by contradictory opinions, we have falsely identified ourselves as our beliefs. The underlying results are self judgement, criticism and an inability to make decisions or follow our dreams. We then feel like we have to fight for some sense of identity survival.

Ultimately, the secret lies in being okay with not having set beliefs. We can simply be open to all possibilities while still following our heart’s desires. We must know that no matter what beliefs are present at any given time, we are safe. There is no requirement to decide or choose any one school of thought or perspective.

Just as we rub our neck to loosen it up after being in front of the computer too long, we must also loosen the stagnant energy that builds up when not feeling safe in not knowing. We don’t need to feel threatened or become silent, and we don’t need to fight to steer others to our way of thinking. We are safe when we are willing to relinquish our identity based upon beliefs, knowing they are not what truly define us at all.

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