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Creating Opportunities in the Aquarius Age

It's now mid 2020 and we're in the midst of corona chaos, social unrest and for so many, the air is thick with uncertainty, frustration and fear. Both the Earth and we humans are on a path of transformation and while transitions are often messy, acute crisis always precedes or coincides with any evolutionary advancement in consciousness.  Obstacles and challenges are prerequisites to the expansion that lies before us - the awakening of consciousness and the hailing in of the Aquarius Age. 

Aquarius Age

Now what? Now is where we begin. Now that we have all been broken out of our routines with our ideas and beliefs shaken up, people everywhere are starting to go within to ask questions that have not been asked before - questions like what are my choices and how do I make the first steps? 

Acceptance of what is here in this moment is always key to any new beginning and transformation. Acceptance opens the door to cooperation, working with the situation as it is in this moment, co-creating with the resources available to us now.  Regardless of what happened or didn't happen up until now, regardless of the choices we made in the past, whatever has occurred has brought us to this moment, acceptance and working with the reality of where we're at is essential.

Creating opportunity for mutual support will also become more and more important as time moves forward as the unrest and energy shifts continue to heighten. Being able to go beyond our normal ways of thinking so that we can begin to see what other options are out there; options that were perhaps missed previously due to conditioning.  Tapping into a much greater knowledge and understanding of who you truly are so that you can begin to embody the reality of your greatness. These are just some of the gateways to peaceful surrender so that your inner world can reach a state of centered and aligned peace that can then be mirrored in your external world.

You have a large team of Beings that watch over you daily and they want to support you in the best way that they can - but you must listen and yet, many have a very hard time with this.  As a Quantum Healing practitioner, I assist in bridging that link by tapping into the different levels of your consciousness and strengthening your connection between you and your Team so that you can receive their guidance clearly and access the healing abilities that already reside within you.  This isn't me doing anything in particular outside of simply guiding the energy through hypnosis/trance work to help you make that connection for yourself as the power and abilities are already part of who you are.  I merely show you the way - but it is you that makes the choice to take the steps.

As always, I look forward to supporting you on your journey and hope to see you soon!

"The real you is always with you; you need not wait to be what you are."   ~Nisargadatta Maharaj 

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