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The True Purpose of a Lightworker

Lightworker Purpose

What is a Lightworker and what is their purpose? The primary purpose of a Lightworker is not to heal others, to provide new information or beliefs, nor is it to convince anyone of anything. The fundamental purpose is to help others bring about a shift in consciousness; to awaken others as a Light of consciousness and awareness and as part of this, we are to help empower others so they too can find their Light within. Despite this, I am seeing many Lightworkers whose actions indicate their disagreement with this purpose but no doubt, their simply unconscious of their actions.

A Lightworker might certainly have the ability to channel healing energy and to impart new information to others which has a lot of merit and benefit, but that does not change their fundamental purpose as being to assist others in achieving a shift in consciousness. A Lightworker understands that their actions have the potential to change the vibration of the planet and that they are part of something much bigger than just what is front of their faces. A shift in consciousness can only take place when a person is truly ready but, in all cases, an initiation to awakening always occurs when introduced to higher consciousness understandings. As more and more people awaken, the momentum in the collective consciousness will grow, making it easier for others to follow.

This is essential, now more than ever. A world in which the egoic state of consciousness and its severely dysfunctional manifestations, both individually and collectively, are running rampant and cannot continue to sustain itself. It is destroying itself and so the time has come for people to decide if they are done creating unnecessary suffering for themselves, one another and for other life forms on the planet. One need only look at history or even the nightly news to see evidence and representations of human unconsciousness that often lead to violence and further division.

It is for this reason that I felt compelled to write this article. While I do not visit social media very often anymore, I am seeing significant increase in division amongst people and heightened attention to the denser energies of Earth as in the case of conspiracy theories. This is akin to taking the bait of the many never-ending rabbit holes that we've all stumbled upon in our lives. Eventually, you learn to walk past them and yet their are many still diving right in to explore these holes. The mysteries of these holes can never, ever be solved ... and yet, down they go! To my dismay, much of what is jumping out at me involves Lightworkers.

I recognize that there are varying degrees of awakened Lightworkers and not all Lightworkers have chosen to ascend at this time and that’s okay. In fact, many Lightworkers must stay behind to continue their work and so it’s important that we have diversified Lightworkers at different levels and expertise as we must be able to serve diversified clients at their unique levels. On the other hand, if you’re a Lightworker that does wish to ascend at this time, or any time in the future, please read on.

Only a shift in consciousness and the transcendence of ego can give rise to empathy and compassion that goes beyond racial, national, religious or any other type of associations in which people tend to be grouped together. You cannot be truly aware of the intrinsic oneness of everything and everyone if you are still identifying with mental judgements that separate others or other groups as “they”, “them” and “us”. With a shift in consciousness, this type of destructive judgement makes way for tolerance of other people’s beliefs and perspectives and with this, the ability to compromise when we interact with others and a realization that this is an absolute precondition for any peaceful coexistence.

And even when the other perspective is not understood; when your able to recognize that everything is part of the totality of what IS, understandings are not needed – you simply accept what IS without any labels that cause division. You realize that understanding unconsciousness is not relevant. If a child is screaming and being unreasonable - do you walk away and let them calm down or do you get on the floor with them and try to scream louder than the child? When you are fully awakened, you see beyond just the mere outer form, personality and actions of the person or group that most people identify with and instead, recognize the divine life essence and indwelling consciousness in every life as being one with your own life essence. If the person or group that is being casted out and finger pointed to is acting unconsciously, one can have an awareness of it without perpetuating yet another level of unconsciousness. A more conscious act would be to not feed that which you’ve deemed and labeled as being so awful and instead, lend your focus elsewhere towards something more productive and helpful.

What is a Lightworker

A beautiful example of this was shared by the Dalai Lama whose works I have studied for years. In his book “How to be Compassionate”, he shares his own personal story of when he lost his country of Tibet to Chinese Communist invaders. He could have reacted in a defensive, argumentative and hostile manner and yet, he chose a much higher level of consciousness to lead his actions. Every day, as he was being held hostage, he would go out of his way to be kind and gracious to his captures. He did this because he recognized that they, just as all sentient beings, all share the same desires and intention of our all wanting happiness and not be in pain. This common thread was his recognition of that same inner divine consciousness and life essence that we all share, and he knew that despite the actions of his captures, they truly and honestly believed that what they were doing was right. It didn’t matter that he disagreed – he didn’t let his ego take the lead to “prove he was right” but instead, he acknowledged them as fellow life entities that were simply unconscious and not recognizing the depth of their actions.

This would be the same reaction of Jesus as he cried out “Father please forgive them for they know not what they do.” In other words, neither the Dalai Lama or Jesus took anything as a personal attack and so therefore, didn’t react in any defensive manner. In my own practice, I remind people often with the example of someone who has medical amnesia. If someone with this challenge did something unconscious to you – would you not forgive them in recognizing that they don’t realize what they’re doing? A man who has had significant tribulation in his life, the Dalai Lama has always remained consistent in his gratitude for hard times and ‘difficult’ people, pointing out that they serve a higher purpose in helping us to strengthen our character. In this regard, he goes on to refer to the Chinese invaders, and anyone else who brings conflict to our lives, as teachers.

Aside from the fact that we are One and therefore any attempt to isolate another person or a group of persons as being ‘bad’ or the ‘enemy’ is simply a distortion born of unconsciousness, there are substantial consequences that come from this type of activity. This is how violence starts. Thoughts spread like virus’ and if thoughts propagate in the collective, perceptions become distorted and cause us to act as if the ‘finger pointing’ and accusations are entirely factual, and THIS subsequently manifests as our reality. This type of behavior is especially toxic when it comes from someone who is seen as being in a leadership or mentoring type role or even worse, when it comes from a Lightworker.

spiritual leader

When someone in a leadership role or a Lightworker start to point fingers, such as is the case with conspiracy theories, they are not only perpetuating the mind identifying dysfunction, they are disempowering themselves and others as if to say that they have been victimized in some way as if powerless. Their are no victims, and no one is powerless!

When you are able to hold a higher-level consciousness and perspective, you know two things in regard to Soul agreements prior to incarnation:

  • We all agree to specific experiences for our overall experience and evolution.

  • We all also provide a general scope agreement for experiences that would be of service to us and/or others that due to free will, are not necessarily and explicitly planned out in advance. Understanding how the overall collective is highly unconscious, there is clearly a “general knowingness and approval” that we must provide before incarnating and of course, from a soul perspective, the ability to accept the totality of what “is” is actually quite easy. These would be considered ‘bonus lessons’ as they are again, above and beyond the specific lessons planned out.

Too often, instead of learning and making a conscious decision to answer the call of Source over the call of egoic fear, I’m seeing many Lightworkers spending an absorbent amount of time in resistance and ultimately, these folks are continuing to co-create and ground themselves in 3D which only serves to prevent them, and their followers from ascending into higher states of consciousness.

If it is the purpose of a Lightworker to hold and be the Light of consciousness and awareness, then these types of activities are the polar opposite of that purpose. The ego within people will of course feel personally attacked and rise to its defense in their ‘battle with dark forces’ as being justified but the truth is – you cannot fight against darkness, just as you cannot fight against the ego. The light of consciousness is all that is necessary, and we all need to check in and ask ourselves, are we being that Light?

Love, Hugs and Blessings to us all!

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