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Being a Master of Presence

Mastering Presence
Mastering Presence

Two Ego's meet on the street and before they have even met, each one is already sizing up the other; gathering intel about the other based upon things like their physical appearance, what they are carrying and how they are walking. Their casual smiles are masking the fact that in truth, their minds are quickly assessing the other and analyzing the gathered information against past experiences with them, or others that they feel are similar. They are also gauging their own outward selves because, we know after all, that this summing up of the other goes both ways! This ‘mind work’ happens fast and happens on auto pilot – it’s automatic behavioral conditioning and happens unconsciously. It happens so fast in fact that by the time they are face-to-face, each one has already surmised everything that they think they need to know about the other and therefore, the best way to interact with them. They know this because what they’ve also done is to go into the future and quickly played out a variety of potential outcomes in relating to this person. The encounter of these two will certainly sound familiar because, for millennia, it’s been humanities most common type of relationship - inauthentic. As more and more of humanity awakens though to the truth of who they are as spiritual beings, this is changing and every day we are seeing the evidence of openness and awareness softening the way we interact with each other. What we have are more and more Masters of Presence than ever before. As the momentum of evolution continues to increase, the energies of higher consciousness have never been more inviting for even more Masters of Presence to anchor the Truth and Light of the Now into the awareness of everyone they meet and as this happens, the ripple affect into the collective unconsciousness will also continue to grow. Being a Master of Presence simply means to be absolutely and completely aligned with the present moment; to be in full acceptance of how life is showing up for you right now – in this precise moment. It means being utterly accepting of others, as they are without any desire to change or alter them. It's the ability to see another through the clarity of unconditional love that can only be found in the present moment. Instead of wishing ‘this’ or ‘that’ were different, requiring different surroundings or set of circumstances before being able to be okay with someone or something, we say yes to the totality of life vs just the parts that we prefer. We bring awareness and spaciousness to the moment versus running away internally. There is a lightness that is borne and expands within all Masters of Presence and the invitation to join this growing force is available to everyone in every moment. It is not something to seek or find in the future – it is now; in this moment and can never be found anywhere else. Presence is after all, inseparable from this moment. As a spiritual practice for the month of June, I invite you to practice being a Master of Presence when interacting with others. With full attention and awareness, be fully present without lugging along the past, future and any other comparatives, narratives or other mind identification thought forms.

Meeting Purely in Presence - A poem by Steve Taylor - Let's meet without pretense without hierarchies of status or artificial shows of respect without trying to impress each other with our knowledge or charm or humor. Let's meet without fear of exposing our vulnerabilities without being embarrassed by our need for love or pretending to be self-sufficient. Let's meet without the past without letting our urge to connect be obstructed by old resentments without letting our natural empathy be blocked by hard, fixed prejudice. Let's meet without insecurity knowing that we don't have to prove that we're worthy of each other's affection since love doesn't need to be earned or gained but simply allowed to flow. Let's meet without intentions without any designs or goals knowing we don't have to try to relate to each other because we're already related knowing that there's nothing we need to do except allow ourselves to be. Let's meet purely in presence without any conditions or concepts knowing that in essence we are the same and that in being we are one.

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