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Expand your consciousness

Speak to your Higher Self

Enlist the help of your Guides

Release emotional trauma

Resolve unexplained challenges

Receive mental, emotional and physical healings

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Quantum Healing sessions are available both in-person and online so I am able to connect with you wherever in the world you may be! 


Are you ready to take a magical journey into Cosmic Consciousness, the source of all-wisdom and all-knowing? Quantum Healing is a powerful guided meditation experience that allows you to explore the vast, open expansiveness of your Consciousness; your true Self and Soul. It helps in breaking down the barriers created by your mind so that you can sink into your true essence and experience other worlds, dimensions and plains of existence.


When you allow your mind to be quiet and go into a deep meditative/trance/hypnotic state you are OPEN to being able to hear, receive wisdom from and communicate with your Higher Consciousness/Higher Self. This is exactly what I do with my clients. I simply help you reach a higher state of clarity and openness where you can perceive knowing from higher levels of your own consciousness. We are talking about going to the fifth dimension and higher.

Bashar explains what happens energetically in a session ...


Why Quantum Healing?


Quantum Healing is a means for you to quiet your excessive thinking to move beyond your Conscious Mind so that you can access your Subconscious Mind which is essential because this is where ALL of your current-life habits, patterns, traumas and conditioning reside for healing.


While your Subconscious Mind holds every detail of your current life; we come into our incarnation with cellular memories and in many cases, traumas and patterns from past lives. To access these details for understanding and healing, Quantum Healing takes us to even deeper dimensions and realms to include your Higher Self, Light Council, Spirit Guides, Galactic Family, Ancestors and more. This is also where we are able to request and receive physical healings of any type, if your Higher Self feels it is appropriate to your Higher Purpose.

Today however, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience.  Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing. For this reason, I often refer to these journeys as Life Journeys!  


Quantum Healing is the only modality in which you are able to access and receive this type of higher guidance, direction on your true path, deep energic healing and physical healing of all that is no longer serving your highest good.   


Quantum Healing Sessions

Quantum Healing sessions can be done in-person or via on-line and are always recorded for your later playback. Session length options vary.



When your new to trance/hypnosis work, it's normal to feel a bit nervous.  For this reason, and due to the length of sessions, I now offer my new clients the option of completing a 1-hour on-line practice session 2-4 days in advance of the actual session date which provides you two huge benefits! 

  • I provide a FREE mini hypnosis/trance session for those that have never experienced a Quantum Healing session before so that you can experience what it feels like to be in a hypnotic trance.  Offering this to new clients has proved to be invaluable in easing concerns and fears so by the time our real session happens, even the most novice client can easily have profound and amazing session experiences! 

  • The actual session time is reduced so you will not feel as energetically drained as you might with a full session duration. 

Why do people come for Quantum Healing?  Some come out of curiosity while some have questions about their life purpose, family, work, or health issues. ​Often, clients come with life threatening diseases. The first thing that you can expect read more.....

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Looking for a unique and special gift for someone special? Consider giving the gift of positive energy with any one of our many services! 

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Spiritual Life Coaching

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Interested in learning Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)? 

The course for this amazing healing modality is now available to the public - Check it out here and use the promo code 'SHANESY10' to receive 10% off!


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