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Are you ready to remember who you really are?

Quantum Healing helps to:

Expand your consciousness to a much higher level

Resolve physical, mental or emotional challenges, habits, and patterns

Learn how to transcend the ego and 3D life of stress

Integrate your many aspects, past lives and heal anything carried over that is no longer benefiting you

Speak with and receive guidance from your Guides, Higher Self and other Beings of Light

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Our Services

Quantum Healing sessions are available both in-person and online so I am able to connect with you ~wherever in the world you may be! 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai

Quantum Healing and Surrogate Quantum Healing Sessions

Quantum Healing is an immersive exploration of your consciousness in which tremendous healings and integration take place.  Receive answers to life questions with your Higher Self and Guides while promoting holistic healing at the highest levels.

Past Life Regression Near Me
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai

Group Past Life Regressions

Group Past Life Regressions are not only fun and rewarding, but they are also highly beneficial and healing to the mind, body and soul of each participant. 

Spiritual Guidance
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai


 No matter what's going on in your life, who you’re with or what you're doing, it is your state of consciousness that determines the quality of your life because it is through your particular state of consciousness that you experience and interpret life.

Reiki Healing Energy
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai

Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki Healing Energy is a holistic practice that channels universal life force energy to promote balance and well-being, enhancing the body's natural healing abilities.

Birthdate Reading
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai

Nine Star Ki Birthday

Discover your inner design and how your birthdate reveals the plan for your life! The system I use is based upon Chinese medicine and the patterns and their meanings, called the Nine Star Ki.

Quantum Healing Mentor
North American and Pelican nebulae mosai

Student & Practitioner Mentorship

Over the years, I have had many Quantum Heling students and practitioners alike come to me for support, advise and general mentorship and because it brings me so much satisfaction and joy to do this, I've decided to add it to my list of available services. 


Quantum Healing sessions help people in many different ways. See what others had to say about their experience!

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Our Most Recent Blogs

About Christine Kooper

While I have been on my spiritual journey for most of my life, my initiation into a higher level of understanding and consciousness really became my full time focus about 15 years ago.  Since then, I have delved into many areas of spirituality, healing, philosophy and have tried to expose myself to as many varied teachers and teachings as possible.


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