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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Quantum Healing Hypnosis "Seeing" Exercise: Quantum Healing Session Preperation

The following exercise may be helpful for those that are in preperation for a Quantum Healing session.

When you hear the word “seeing”, there is probably only one definition that comes to mind. There are however, many ways to “see”. More appropriate descriptions might include “perception”, to “perceive” or even “impression”. There are many ways to perceive or gain an impression of something. In other words, you may not “see” a thing and yet be able to perceive or get an impression of something and then be able to relay that information in detail.

People get information in many ways. They can see it, imagine it, hear it, feel it, perceive it, know it or just get an impression of it.

In a Quantum Healing session, the very first thing a Practitioner does is to have you close your eyes and then asks, “If I were to say to you, ‘see a red bird’ could you see one for me?” Similar visual exercises are done in other regressive type sessions.

Most clients answer yes, they can see a red bird and off we go; taking on the most profound exploration of their life! This exercise however is for those who, for whatever reason, struggle with being asked to “see” something.

While there are those out there that can literally “see” a visual image of a red bird behind their eyelids, this is actually quite rare. Most of us instead, “see” the bird “in the mind’s eye” which is something altogether different. What does “seeing in the mind’s eye” mean exactly? It means they can use their ability to recall when they have seen a red bird and use their imagination to see and describe a red bird if asked.

Here’s a fun exercise to try out. Using the suggestion of a red bird, close your eyes and see a red bird. Got it? Okay, now I want you to see that same red bird but this time, with a lollypop. (yes, I said a lollypop!)

Take a moment and note any impressions you have about details.

Now for some questions! Let’s see (pun intended) how you did~

Was your bird a red canary? Or was it a red cardinal? Maybe it was more like a woodpecker or something completely unique like a red duck? Maybe it was small, a red humming bird or it could even have been a red cartoon bird. And what about the lollypop? Was it a solid colored lollypop? A rainbow lollypop? Maybe it was a lollypop in the shape of Mickie Mouse or some other cartoon character?

Maybe you did not perceive anything visual, literal or in your mind’s eye. Maybe you just knew your bird was a red cardinal with a rainbow-colored lollypop, and knew it was certainly nothing like a red duck with a Mickey Mouse lollypop.

Information is information. We really don’t care how you get your information delivered to you in a Quantum Healing session, just that you are able to find the information for which you are looking.

Quantum Healing Session Preperation

How do YOU perceive information? Maybe you “see” things in various ways; whichever or however you do it, trust it!

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Copyright & Source contribution Candace Craw-Goldman


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