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Diarrhea of the Mouth: Quantum Healing Session Preperation

One of the biggest challenges for many Quantum Healing clients is being able to relay to their Practitioner the very first thing that they “see” or perceive as they are taken through various scenes of a past life. Often, clients will take long pauses before saying anything because they either want to understand and formulate answers before describing a scene or, they have a hard time finding the right words to describe what they are “seeing” or perceiving. To maxamize your session's potential, this is great for Quantum Healing session preperation.

Everyone receives information differently. They can see it, imagine it, hear it, feel it, perceive it, know it or just get an impression of it.

Like many, if you’re thinking “Oh, what’s the big deal? I could do this easy peasy!”, let me be the first to bust your bubble. The fact of the matter is that most people are not proficient in being able to say the very first thing that comes to mind. We’ve been trained NOT to say whatever comes to mind after all! Throughout growing up, we’re told to “watch what you say”, “think before you speak” or even “your talking crazy!”.

This programming, that we all go through, takes its toll on our psyche so when the day comes that we are told to do the opposite … well, it’s not as easy as it might seem.

Quantum Healing Session Preperation

In hypnosis/trance type therapy such as Quantum Healing, it’s important to “allow” and let go of any constrictions and fears that you might have about saying whatever comes to mind. This requires that you trust A LOT! You must trust your Practitioner, your Higher Self but most importantly, trust yourself! You must trust that even if what your intuition is telling you sounds crazy, incomplete or even downright absurd … you will relay every single detail.

This concept is also referred to as free association. Free association is a practice in psychoanalytic therapy in which a client is asked to freely share thoughts, random words, and anything else that comes to mind, regardless of how coherent or appropriate the thoughts are. The process was originally developed by Sigmund Freud, who claimed that it gave clients complete freedom to examine their thoughts without prompting or intervention by the therapist. Freud claimed that the technique helped prevent three common issues in therapy:

  1. Transference – the process of transferring feelings one has for one person to a different person;

  2. Projection – the process of projecting one’s own qualities onto someone else;

  3. Resistance – the practice of blocking out certain feelings or memories.

In traditional free association, the client is encouraged to verbalize or write all thoughts that come to mind. Free association is not a linear thought pattern. Rather, a person might produce an incoherent stream of words such as dog, red, mother, and scoot, or may jump randomly from one memory or emotion to another. The idea is that free association reveals associations and connections that might otherwise go uncovered and that clients may uncover repressed memories and emotions.

For our purposes with Quantum Healing however, we are not so much interested in uncovering anything repressed but are instead, more interested in knowing what it is your “seeing” or “feeling” in any particular scene so that we can be the best guide possible as we lead you through your past lives. I recommend that prior to any hypnosis/trance type therapy, you practice this skill (yes, I said skill!) of saying whatever comes to mind. The great news is that this is easier than you might think … and, can even be fun!

The next time your driving around, at work, doing errands or just going about your day, practice working with your intuition by playing a guessing game. Not only will this game increase your ability to re-program your brain to be okay with saying the first thing that comes to your mind; but you will also be strengthening your relationship with your intuition. As you head for the coffee break room, guess what type of coffee you’ll find and say it aloud or in your head. As you enter the intersection that you’ll be turning on, guess what you will be seeing after turning. As you go about your day, anticipate and use the hundreds of opportunities that you can use to guess “what’s next” and to verbalize it. No hesitating … no overthinking … no analyzing and no second guessing yourself! No matter how bizarre or crazy it is …. just spit it out!

And here’s the caveat …. And it’s a big one! The only stipulation in playing this game is that you know that it doesn’t matter if your guess was right or not! Pretty cool eh? Remember, the point is not to get the “right” answers but to improve your ability to easily say whatever it is that comes to mind without worrying about how it sounds or if it even makes sense. The strengthening of your intuition is merely a bi-product but of course, it’s a great one that can only serve you well.

Once you begin to practice this and stop trying to think of what to say or how to say it, it will become more and more easy in no time!

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