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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Should I just "Make it Up?": Quantum Healing Session Preperation

Quantum Healing Session Preperation

When it comes to Quantum Healing session preperation, this is probably one of the most important insights one can read!

The truth is, every single one of us becomes hypnotized to some degree throughout each and every day of our lives. It might be a slight trance as you get caught up in your imagination and miss a turn while driving or perhaps miss the scene of a movie because you’ve drifted off to some other world in your mind. Or, it might be a deeper trance that can be found while meditating or doing yoga. Despite this reality, there are those that become immobile with “stage fright” when having a Quantum Healing session. They become filled with terror, as if they will be graded somehow, and can convince themselves that they cannot be hypnotized.

We know differently of course but this self-inflicted pressure and stress can affect the outcome of a session and so I want to share with you, a fool proof method of getting the most of your Quantum Healing session, regardless of how confident you may or may not be with your ability to be hypnotized.

This method is best explained by relaying a wonderful story shared by Candance Craw-Goldman who was amongst some of the few Practitioners who were personally trained by and worked along side Delores Cannon for many years.

The story begins with a few students who while training, did a “role playing” mock session as the rest of the class looked on. Remember now … this is a pretend session and not a real session.

So, up on stage there was a pretend Practitioner and a client pretending to be hypnotized with the intent of going through various scenarios for the class. What they found however is that every time the client, who was pretending to be hypnotized, would begin relaying their fabricated past life, something would change. Sometimes it was 5 minutes in …. other times it was 10 or 15 minutes in but in nearly every case, it happened! Yes, they started out pretending but eventually, the scenes became real; the experience became real, the past lives viewed were real … it became very real!

Emotions would flow with the scenes, tears would flow, information was readily provided with unique and very real past lives explored. Despite their efforts to keep it merely imaginary, by opening up their right brain and letting their creative imagination flow, they were actually opening up the portal to their subconscious! By pretending and “making it up”, they were actually doing exactly what they needed to do to access that part of the brain that holds all of their cellular memories! Amazing!

There is much to ponder about what exactly is happening here and how the brain can be used to energetically open portals like this but for today, and for the future Quantum Healing clients who are reading this, I want to simply emphasize this point: Allow yourself to use your imagination in a session. It is a powerful doorway to a profound experience.

If you have to, you can feel free to even go so far as to “make it up.”

In other words, pretend!

You can find more information about Quantum Healing including session stories, guided meditations and reserve your own session by going to:

Copyright & Source contribution Candace Craw-Goldman


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