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Expanding Consciousness for Self-Mastery

While Humanity continues to face varying degrees of turbulence, the uncertainty that is being felt can also be a wonderful catalyst and opening for personal transformation.  Perhaps for you, there are feelings being stirred that their “must be more” or maybe you’re just restless for a change.  These are signs of a deeper level of consciousness within you that is ready to bloom and flower. The blossoming and expansion of individual and collective consciousness is now imperative if Humanity is to maintain alignment with the continued evolution with the Earth as it heightens it ascension into Gaia 5D and from there, ringing in the Age of Aquarius. It’s generally agreed that the next wave to be felt globally will come on or around the December Solstice.  Waking up to the gifts within you

Expanding Consciousness

These can be powerfully empowering times where the opportunities for personal growth have never been so plentiful.  At the heart of the new consciousness lies in the transcendence of thought, the newfound ability of rising above thought, of realizing a dimension with yourself that it infinitely more vast that thought. You are not of the Earth. You are from another planet, from another plane of life. The conditions that exist on the Earth are foreign to you. You are not used to these bodies of clay. You are not used to the concept of feeding, of clothing, of looking after a physical shape. You therefore need help and guidance in this matter and whether you realize it or not right now, you have everything you need within you to advance your connection to our inner wisdom and guidance right now. Realign and reinvent Recognize that each one of us is part of a select band of beings who came to Earth to initiate and transmute; to help the Earth move forward from one cycle to another. Each Being does this by advancing their own consciousness along the path which they and their Creator have chosen.  You are responsible only for your own evolution, for your own point of consciousness, and what the Human Race needs now, above all else, is individualized consciousness in balance and perfection.  This is how each being contributes and helps to transform the collective dysfunction and unconsciousness felt everywhere. To change this World, you must change yourself. You must change by example and that example is your soul note, is your light, shining forth to the highest of your being for all to see. Taking your power back How much time, energy and money have we all invested in our spiritual growth and in our quest to get guidance from our many different Guides?  There are hundreds of modalities and Healers of all types; no shortage of resources available to us and they all have their place and value. I encourage you though to ask yourself ....

At what point do we take our power back and tap into the vast knowingness and physic abilities that reside within us?  When do we begin to act as our own Healers so we can severe the ties of dependency from others?  When do we see that the healing received from outside sources is not sustainable ~ that the only truly sustainable healings come from our own self-mastery?

Your choice The very process of most modalities that spiritual seekers use encourages them to look without rather than within, yet the path to the higher dimensions is an inner and not an outer journey. And so, while these outside experiences are worthy, they can only be a stepping-stone along the path to ‘oneness’. Now what? Like a snake needing to shed its old skin to grow into something next, the way you’ve been living your life just doesn’t fit you anymore. The problem is you just don’t know where to start. You can choose to work with me so I can help to connect you to who you really are:

  • Your magnificent and powerful self

  • The source of all knowing within you

  • You as a spark and source of expansive consciousness

I can also help you to:

  • Increase body and mind coherence and awareness for optimal health

  • Reduce incessant thinking to enhance overall awareness and consciousness

  • Strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom and knowingness

  • Heighten your ability to receive messages from your Guides

  • Achieve a deep meditative state within minutes

What the world really needs If it is true that what the world needs more than ever is for individuals to go within to expand their consciousness and awaken to who they truly are, then assistance in these efforts much be accessible.  They cannot be kept out of reach by being overly priced and so for this reason, I have added a couple more layers of Quantum Healing services, so they are affordable no mater what your budget is. What else would you rather be doing? That ‘something missing’ has always been right there, with you.  My clients work with me because they know their journey can be made easier with assistance. They are ready to go deeper and they are hungry for something different; something more. And they are eager for their next level of growth, expansion and empowerment. Ready, Set and Awaken! If your ready to take control of your own ascension and dive deep into the higher dimensions within you, I’m ready to help!  Learn more at

You can find more information about Quantum Healing including session stories, guided meditations, and reserve your own session by going to:

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