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The Opening of Grace from Chaos with Conscious Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

Why is it that our country has such strong division over Trump and/or Biden? No matter what social media or TV station you tune into, you will find some people that describe either candidate as being evil while others will describe them as being the answer to all of our problems.  They are still the same person, doing and saying the same things and yet on either side of the fence, people are ready to fight for their position with others.

Because, once our senses perceive what one or the other says and does, we generally can't help but interpret that information. Most of us consider our interpretations, whether mental or emotional, to be true and often, the only truth. This lays the foundation for creating opinions, which are simply mental constructs. And if a journalist is kind enough to filter the information through his or her opinion, we can simply adopt their opinion instead of forming our own. 

These mental constructs tend to become the lens through which we view the world. If we live in those constructs and even start identifying with them, then when those constructs get threatened, it's our very reality and identity that gets threatened. This puts us into survival mode. 

But what if our interpretations were wrong? Then all that was for nothing because none of it was real. You weren't fighting for survival; your mental constructs were. TV, social media and other people's opinions aren't inherently bad but they tend to feed the mind with even more constructs that might eventually start fighting for survival.

This is why I believe it's important to avoid identifying with our thoughts and emotions, to not let them decide what something is and how we should relate to it. We are not our mind, so we don't have to believe our thoughts. We are not our emotions either; we're simply witnessing them express themselves inside our body, so we don't have to let them shape our opinions.

When we question the nature of reality and drop all assumptions or facts we “think” we know, we find an opening to expanded consciousness and perceptions. Through conscious awareness we remove the limitations that we construct when holding onto opinions that we think are absolute. We begin to realize that there has never been and never will be one truth; that there are as many realities as there are Beings observing it! This is of course what is meant by our being multi-dimensional Beings. 

Who are you really?  You are a temporary manifestation of the underlining one Life, one Consciousness and Creator.  You are an elaborate manifestation with the ability to think.  Most people, however, overthink and become slaves to the endless chatter in their minds that inevitably, tell you that you are something vastly different than this truth.

How do you know if you’re ready to ascend into 5D and how can you make the shift happen?  When you turn inward, can you sense if your soul is done with 3D yet? Do you sense that interest in social media, politics, unconsciousness has dwindled to a point of noninterest? Then YOUR ready – your soul is ready – you simply need to unplug and make the choice. Don’t expect to see 3D when you wake up – remember, you know how to manifest! Expect to see and experience 5D and then make an energetic boundary to not drop below again. It’s you – the incarnate that is preventing because your too plugged in for your soul to make the shift. Your maintaining way too much contact with 3D in order for your soul to ascend.

Quantum Healing is the perfect way to connect to the deeper dimensions that reside with you – where all of the answers, clarity and wisdom resides. When you stop seeking outwardly and go inward instead, you begin to tap into the vast Universe where true realty resides.

Being the awareness of the thoughts and emotions makes us realize that it was all giant drama and none of it was real. In the words of a channeled message I heard recently, "Dear Ones, do not get caught up or distracted by the movie that is projected onto your external 3D reality. Your job is to stay in your Light and tend to your OWN frequency.”  This is the path to freedom.

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