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A Quantum Healing Session Story: Kidnapped in the Old West

Quantum Healing Session Story

My client came to her Quantum Healing session with relationship and trust issues and was very distraught in not knowing how she should handle some current struggles she was going through. I’ve traveled to many past lives and places as a Quantum Healing Practitioner, but this was the first time I visited the Wild West in the early the 1900’s.

After a day of picking wild vegetables, she finds that she has gotten herself lost as she stumbles into a small town where 2 men grab her and sell her to a wealthy man. Terrified and feeling very weak after a night of abuse, she is finally brought to the house where she would remain captive. Over a short period of time, she is forced to marry this man and while she tries hard to enjoy the few moments of happiness with others around, she knows that she’s being watched very closely and once everyone leaves, is yet again, beaten and humiliated. Moving her forward in time, she comes to a day where she watches as she is struck over the head numerous times by him, killing her.

Out of her physical body now, she speaks with both the Beings that are there to greet her as well as with her Light Council. She is given the understanding of what her husband had gone through to become who is was and further, is now able to see him still living yet living in deep remorse. She learns that she chose this life of abuse because she wanted to understand forgiveness from this perspective and understand the relativity from which humans behave. She is praised for being so brave in taking on this lesson and celebrated for having handled herself so well.

My client left feeling empowered and confident in knowing what actions she needed to take to resolve the challenges she was currently facing. She was excited, feeling that her heart had softened and that a veil had been lifted, enabling her to view her challenges, and others, from a much higher perspective and understanding. She was now able to integrate and release the trauma from that life we visited.

What past life lessons and experiences await you?

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