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A Quantum Healing Session Story: Challenges of Earth life for a Blue Orb Being

Quantum Healing Session Story

My client came to me in a state of physical, emotional and mental burnout. Despite her young age, she had already experienced several traumatic events and years of stress.

Having never felt that she was able to connect with others, she felt alone and broken. She had developed patterns of co-dependency and escapism and with no boundaries or understanding about how to manage her empathic nature, she was simply exhausted with no motivation, finding it difficult to even get out of bed most days.

In session, she found herself back at her home planet in the 8th dimension, located within the core of Venus. Referred to as the Blue Orbs, they are semi-translucent with most of her fellow Beings being blue in color. As one of the leaders within the community who does a different type of work from the general population, her appearance was more akin to a shade of purple. There were no gender specifics amongst these Beings. With no hair, she described her eyes as being beautiful but very large with unusually long eyelashes, feet that looked more like hands with four toes and in place of hands, she described a spinning type of wheel from which one single finger protruded which worked well as they don’t use their hands as we would here on Earth; they relied purely on their mental abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and teleporting.

In between missions, this home is her resting place for rejuvenation. “We come here when we’re not on a mission; we come back to reconnect with ourselves because everything in this place lives and breathes our soul essence.” She lives in what she described as a cottage that has a large tree growing in the middle of it; but not so large as to protrude through the ceiling. This is their ‘Tree of Life’ that provides them essential energy that they could not survive without. Exceptionally connected with nature, they work in accordance with nature so as to not disturb or overstep any boundary and as part of this relationship, the trees gifted her with this cottage. The cottage would not permit anyone else from entering as it only responds to that of it’s intended Being’s consciousness. Interacting with all life around them, to include their gardens, she describes herself as being nature’s guardian. They consume little food and when I asked about eating foods from their garden, she said there is an understanding and agreement of their purpose in being eaten.

As to her missions, she explained that there were aspects of her soul that split off to accomplish various tasks and missions. Her other aspects were currently residing on other planets, such as Earth as my client, and in other parallel dimensions in other forms of matter. The aspect that was my client had her own mission and it was this mission that was most important. Her mission is to help bring in the fifth dimensional consciousness, the consciousness that lies within her home; anchoring that and bringing that in through her human vessel to the Earth, along with many other Light Workers. “She's always being guided to do things for the highest good of others; she is a clear vessel for the Divine to work through and she has impacted a lot of people with her powerful strength and Light. Everyone she meets, she plants a seed of awakening within them.”

Being part of a wave of volunteers to assist Earth and having an essence of pure love, she does much of her work while she sleeps and does not need to do anything except simply ‘be’ – be in the presence of others. Her purpose is not one that is in alignment with most of her peers and so common place things like going to college, having a family and job are not part of her path. Her Higher Self explained that he’s been struggling to ‘fit in’ and find her purpose but because of the nature of her mission and soul, she’s exhausting herself. “She is the full embodiment of the new consciousness and this is why she doesn't fit in. This is why she sees right through people and has a hard time connecting with people because she is looking for a soul connection but with so many people that are hurting or in pain, she is connecting to those dense energies and she can't authentically connect to those lower emotions. She ends up in a state of depression and disconnectedness because she just feels their pain and she doesn't know how to interact with such things; she just wants to make the pain go away.”

The Higher Self went on to give her advice on establishing boundaries and other healthy and necessary steps so that she would not feel so depleted but more so, gave her the insight to who she really is so that she could once and for all embrace life knowing she didn’t have to chase after a purpose that was never there to begin with. She simply needed to BE happy and joyful – BE her true nature. Her Quantum Healing session strengthened her connection to her home and to her Higher Self so moving forward, she would be able to receive guidance more readily and clearly.

What past life lessons and experiences await you?

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