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A Message for Lightworkers: Accessing & Working with 5D - The End Game

fifth demension

I listened to a very powerful teaching by Matt Khan yesterday that I want to share with you. I’ve edited it so as to capture it’s most essential of teachings so what was 1.5 hrs is now only 25 minutes - you can find it at the end of this post.

As part of this share, I also wanted to share my personal perspectives on what this evolution means to us as humans but more importantly, to us Light Workers. I see this as being of paramount importance as we need to ensure we are supporting the Will of God - He who We are hoping to represent in the best way possible.

Our world is completely different than it was even a few days ago and speaking just for myself, I have shed many a tear in gratitude of my newly embraced freedom from 3D. I have surrendered myself to the integration of 5D, evolution and the true reality of things which is a far cry from any conceptual reality once known.

This higher dimension and realization isn’t really new and yet, is indeed quite new for many humans. And, as with anything new, the way that we interact with this ‘new’ reality has also changed and this includes how Light Workers support and assist others. If we’re to assist others, we must be honest and ask ourselves if we’re truly ‘qualified’ to do so. When I say this, I mean of course that we must inquire within to check on our own status of awakening which will be, inevitably, varied for each person. I know that personally, I want more time to ground in 5D so when I am of service, I am at the optimal level to do so. In the meantime, the way I can assist is to keep in mind what Source is asking of the human race – to Awaken.

It was Albert Einstein that said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” If we don’t help others differently than in the past, we won’t be very helpful at all. The days of focusing on healing various aspects of ourselves, and this is something I’ve felt for a VERY long time now, ….. are over. There are very, very few ‘healings’ that are sustainable. Chakras become imbalanced again, blocks return, and fears resurface. The methods of healing this and that have become mere distractions and avoidance of true surrender. As Matt Khan cleverly called it …. we are in the End Game.

Teachings and assistance moving forward are pretty simple … it’s not about answering self indulgent questions that are clearly egoic in nature; it’s not about helping someone discover more about the ‘content’ and history of their lives – it’s about guiding others to who they TRULY are – past conceptual thinking and mind identification. It’s about helping others discover the Kingdom of Heaven that is within each one of us – a deeper and higher dimension of consciousness. The focus is exclusive to our essence identity – that which is inseparable from the present moment. This is not something that is easy to teach unless you’ve already found it for yourself. Even then, it requires a different methodology and a ‘seeker’ that truly desires it. How do we find these types of ‘seekers’ – we allow them to go through their adversity while comforting them on the sidelines. The old impulses of swooping in to “save” someone from their adversities are over; they clearly never really worked anyways …. and that’s okay because we’re all learning.

When we’re in our comfort zone, there is little to no motivation to go within and go deeper than ever before. Adversities are the blessing that does this for us – they are a gift. As Lightworkers, we need to see this clearly and ask ourselves “Whose Will am I serving”, as Matt Khan asks in this video. If your serving your own Will, you will follow the impulse of ‘saving’ others from their pain and fears and continue to fill social media with content-filled messages to lure 'seekers' into content-filled healing 'opportunities'. If you are serving the Will of God on the other hand, you will step aside and let His will be done. You will trust Him …. and, most importantly, trust the ‘seeker’ that they will grow weary of resisting surrender – just as many of us have done. This doesn’t mean we cannot support but if we’re not crystal clear on what the End Game really is, we are only perpetuating old patterns.

Recently, I was reminded of the wonderful saying “the ego weeps for what it has lost as the spirit rejoices for what it has found” …. how so very true! Again - I remind anyone reading this - this is my personal perspective and I fully expect that some will not resonate with it ... and that's okay.

You can listen to my edited/shortened version here. To watch the full, unedited version of 'Thy Will Be Done', go here.

Love, Hugs and Blessings to us all!

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