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Physical Healings through Quantum Healing Hypnosis!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Despite my experience with the large number of physical, emotional and mental healings that take place in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, I am still always amazed by my own client sessions and those session stories by the many Practitioners out there!

If you have read any of the books by Dolores Cannon, or perhaps tuned into the many YouTube session videos available, you have some awareness of this very real occurrence. One story in particular that I always like to share with my clients comes from Dolores Cannon that she relayed in one of her Quantum Healing classes.

An amazing story teller she was, she recalled a client that was scheduled for knee surgery in just a few days following the session. She had lost nearly all of the cartilage in her knees and was having it replaced. As you can image, this loss caused her tremendous pain and discomfort so when Dolores came to the point of speaking with her Higher Self (or Subconscious), she was sure to ask about why this happened and if it could be healed without surgery. The HS went on to explain that the problem was due to her not moving forward with those things that she really desired and were part of her overall life purpose. Instead, due to lack of confidence and procrastination, she was "stuck" and not moving in any progressive direction at all. Dolores quickly made a 'deal' with her HS asking that if the client came to understand the reasons behind the cartilage problem and with that acknowledgement, began to take the necessary steps towards her true desires, would they replace the cartilage as a permanent healing? The clients' HS paused to check in with the client and the clients Conscious Mind and confirmed that yes, They could see that she was understanding the reasons and would act upon the information so therefore, would indeed replace the cartilage. From the moment Dolores brought her client out of hypnosis, she could walk with no problem! Keeping her final pre-op appointment with her doctor, the doctors were astounded and in awe! They did a full set of x-rays and behold - her knee's were healthy with cartilage and the surgery was cancelled!

I recently came across other stories of miraculous healings from other Practitioners; such as the one recently shared by Tom Waagboe, a Quantum Healing Practitioner from Norway:

"Two days ago I facilitated a Quantum Healing session for a 28 year old woman who wanted help with retrieving lost memories from her childhood. Her memory was generally very poor and she said that she couldn’t even remember what she did last week. She also hoped to find out why she felt so drawn to the Maldives. During the interview she told me that she always avoids discussions and quarrels. We soon found out the reason why.

We explored two past lives. The first one as a man and the second as a woman. In the last scene of the first life he was in a room with a few other men. They had a discussion about something and suddenly one of the men attacked him and then crushed his neck and head down towards a hard surface leading to his death. Needless to say, this episode influenced her life very much and was the reason why she has always avoided discussions.

In the second life she was overjoyed when she finally found her way back home to the island where her family lived. She had been out to sea on a long journey not knowing if she would ever make it back. She very vividly experienced how it felt when her boat hit the shore and the feelings she had when she was reunited with her mother and child. The island was small and the temperature very hot. In that life she was used to travelling to various places. She felt that this was a very good life and the reason why she was drawn to travelling but also living on an island (Maldives).

During the Higher Self part she wasn’t able channel her Higher Self because she was exhausted from what happened in her previous lives and also because of the healing that had been initiated after a request for a scanning and healing of her physical vessel. She could very clearly feel that there was something happening during the healing. Her neck hurt very much and she could feel a lot of energy working on her entire body as well. After the session she said she had never felt so drained energetically ever before. She later told me that she had gone to bed very early that night because she felt totally exhausted. She slept like a baby the whole night through which was very unusual for her. When she woke up she felt like a different person, very happy about what had happened and the way she felt and full of energy. Her boyfriend asked her what happened to her neck. “My neck?” she said. “Nothing has happened to my neck.” He then commented that it looked like she had been beaten very badly. “No” she said. “What do you mean?”

Unfortunately she didn’t take a picture of her neck that morning/day. She told me on the phone that she didn’t really think about it because it didn’t hurt. Not only did she have bruises but also red rashes all the way down her neck. The next day the bruising was almost gone but luckily she decided to take a picture. By then the bruising had almost disappeared."

MJ Olinger, a Practitioner out of Loveland, Colorado, shared this session story about the removal of heavy metals and also provided the reasons behind the clients' cigarette smoking:

"Here are a few intake points with female client that focused on how mean her mother was throughout client’s life and even though her mother is deceased, client hears “I hate you.”; Other points were smoking; role in this life; and heavy metals.

During the first past life scene she experienced floating without a body, in darkness with small stars in the far distance. The second past life scene a familiar scent wafted through and still floating without body, but this time everything was gray. She verbalized a feeling of dread and heaviness, then said she did not want to incarnate and did not want this body. Further dialog revealed she was part of a spirit group, the decision was already made and they have been watching her. They were sorry she has to go through this and cannot help her because it is something she must go through. The third past life scene she was just floating in gray abyss.

Connected with SC to ask why she was shown the darkness without a body, answer “Life out of the body is not void….not without.” SC said there was another being around the client all the time and it is her mother saying “I hate you.” Client wanted to release her mother but felt her mother was very powerful. SC said the client was more powerful. I brought in white light, guides, angels and released her mother with love. Client felt the dark spirit leave for the first time in her life, even after several shamanic interventions over the years. SC explained client was on the Council from the beginning of time and made decisions about creation of Earth. The smoking provided a “smoke screen” from dark entities but SC removed the smoking urge and the rest is up to the client to choose. When the SC released the heavy metals, the client mentioned after trance she felt a wave go through her body down to her ankles and stopped. The SC said they would remove all the heavy metals except for a small percentage because it is a reminder for client she is in a human body. They also stopped the mercury in her teeth fillings from leaching into the body until she could get to a dentist. After a full body scan, SC explained they changed things at the cellular level because of the neurological damage from the heavy metals.

Four days after the session, client called and described the skin eruptions all over her body and she wanted to jump out of her skin. We discussed the purging effects from a healing session and to monitor. She decided to take a Benadryl and call me if effects worsened. As of today, no further symptoms. All is well!"

Sometimes, physical issues are found to be caused by attachments that need to be released and cleared. This was the case when Nicole Rivera, from Roseland, NJ conducted a Quantum Healing session with one of her clients:

"Before her session, she sent me a list of at least 45 questions. A lot having to do with curiosity of entities in her organs. I have never worked on entity release and at first, felt slightly unsure, but them Spirit came through and reminded me that I am being guided and all is well.

Right after the induction, she became WALING! SCREAMING and crying hysterically. She felt overwhelming sadness in her lungs and she couldn't breathe well. I tried to assist her in releasing the sadness, but she said it was too much to bear, so I moved her on and said we would come back to that later.

We went STRAIGHT into the body to release these entities. I could feel myself going into trance with my client, having one foot in the world of spirit and one foot on Earth. We removed entities from the brain, lungs, kidneys, intestines, stomach, hands, feet and left shin. The ones in the kidneys were a collective of energies that have been affecting her from generations BEFORE and was NOT willing to leave. They were set on continuing their pattern of destruction on the bodies of those who would come after her, generations and generations from now...

Anyway, the part life trauma via entity release:

Her lungs were full of sadness. (She has had asthma since 8 years old) A sweet, afraid, 8 year old littler girl attached to her lungs after dying a horrible death. She chose my client because she had such a bright light and she felt so safe inside of her. The little spirit had no idea that she was causing my client harm and she cried and cried at the realization that she hurt this beautiful woman who shared her light with her in her time of need. (HEART WRENCHING!) We released her, with the assistance of AA Michael, and they were both free.

Fast forward to an update from my client. After listening to her session several times afterwards, she told me that that little girl was actually a past life.

When AA Michael came forth to answer her questions after all the physical healing, he told us that there was no need for her to see any past lives because it would create unnecessary confusion and over-analysis which would block her. So I think they showed that particular entity as such, because it would be easier for her to release that trauma.

WHOA! This was the most powerful session I have EVER facilitated. SO many entities!! And I was nervous because I never had an experience with them and didn't believe I could do it. It goes to show you that Spirit has your back and when we call in the assistance of our team, they really are helping us along and will give us what we need.

Our clients are being SENT TO US. Each and every one of them are sent to us for a reason. Even the ones that don't seem to go "well". This is important work! We must continue to put ourselves in a state of allowing, so that we connect with our team for help in these deep and intense sessions!

I am so grateful!

By the way, she is on the kidney transplant list, with about 16% kidney function. AA Raphael said he would be working on her kidney for the next couple of months. I am so curious to see what her lab results will be after the session!

I am still amazed and awe-inspired. "

Here is another amazing session conducted by Barbara Tracy in Taos, New Mexico with a client with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis that had been manifested by her client:

"The client is a man who is 59 years of age. He was adopted, and as a young man he was tormented and physically tortured by his grandfather. He has manifested many symptoms over the years. The most prominent symptom is advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis which has developed into spondylitis in which five vertebra have fused in the lower spine. He has spent a life with great limitations because of pain and discomfort. This includes staying home a great deal in certain times of weather and having a very restricted diet as well as limited number of hours in which he can participate in any physical function. In our session, we were strongly focused on healing the R.A. and the family issues. He has had a previous QHHT session with another facilitator and so we used that keywords as the induction and it worked beautifully. He went in quickly and deeply. Instead of going to the beautiful place he found himself standing by a large crystal with a light being standing nearby: "..............Its a large slab of white crystal.....and the light coming from it creates the whole room to be lit and I am standing next to this rectangle of white crystal. I'm excited with life...... I'm there to map this life. (The life you are having now?) Yes. It's showing the decisions and the effects and I am agreeing to the choices and the path that I've taken here. I see the difficulties and I have accepted them and agreed to them. There is a person there, it's a man and he's in a's as though it was made out of the same white crystal except it flows. And he's who I do this with, who records the agreement and notes that this is the contract of this life."

Q. Why did you make it a difficult life? What was the purpose of making it a difficult life with R.A.?

A. The choice let me clean away debt. It let me clean debt without engaging with others so that my time would be my own.

Q. Is this contract complete, are the debts paid?

A. No..........More to do. I need to be an opportunity for others that others have been for me. More giving........ to complete things.

Q. Will that be the end of the contract?

A. Yes

Q. Does that mean that life will be more peaceful from then on?

A. More my own

Q. Is there anything we need to know further about the life mapping, or are you complete with seeing that?

A. Yes, done....

From here he stepped outside under a clear blue sky and we continued onto the journey on the cloud. He encountered a p/l as a Mohawk Indian who was a medicine man that encountered invaders with armor who took his land. This being and his wife moved far away and lived a relatively quiet life as a medicine man/healer with herbs. Then we moved forward to a an important time and experience:

"I am in a cloak of blue quill....and my wife had died.....I am alone.....Time is breaking, I'm going with light people. They are coming to get me. They are small, but they are very strong in spirit and they break the sky with light and I go up with them. I leave......... and they learn from me and they teach me."

Q. Have you left your body?

A. No.....I went with them.....I am in a dome of light all white they give many things. They give me medicine that changes me. My seeing is different. I see emotions, not just things and people, but I see the emotions that are in them. It's like color.

Q. This is the gift they gave you, is that right?

A. Yes

Q. Will you be taking that gift to earth to use with your tribe?

No. I will work with them, the people of light.

Q. Will you be returning to your tribe?

A. No. I'm going with them

Q. And where are they going?

A. We are traveling all over

Q. How are you traveling?

A. Inside their ship. It's much bigger than I thought. It is long like a snake, very long and I work with them now. I serve them and we go around to help other places. Other planets......To find other people....... my reading emotion serves them, helps to protect them from others fear.

Q. Where are you now, on the ship or on a planet?

A. I live on the ship. They bring people to me. And I read the colors that are their being. It's how we can tell the truth of what these beings feel. To help them with people so they are not afraid. I can read fear and the color of it and I give different feeling to them if they are afraid so that we can work with them and gather their knowledge. They can't give when they are afraid.

Q. Is this knowledge written down or is it passed along another way?

A. They (the light beings) take it I don't know where it goes.

Q. What color is the fear?

A. Red and I take it to blue. It was what I knew a bit of on my home that I had. I could read some, they have made me more, but that was why my quill cape was blue. That was some of the healing that I helped....when I was with the tribe, was to heal the anger so they could go forward.

Q. Moving forward to the end of this life

A. I am still with the light beings....I am very weak and cannot go on, but I am surrounded by them on all sides and they are very loving and very kind and I am leaving. I am ok with leaving......I am gone.... Q. What have they done with your body.

A. It simply turned to dust

Q. What was the purpose of this life, what were you learning?

A. Many levels....the level I had with the tribe was one level, my wife another, the people from far away, the armor men all had meaning to grow so that when the light people came I was ready for something unknown.

Q. Moving to the HS and asking the purpose of the past life

A. So he can know certainly there are many layers, many different levels, so much more than what he lives day to day.

Q. Is he complete with this family connection.....

A. Yes, he is done, it is over, it's all clear, it has no more purpose for him. The attachment is his own, he is DONE. He is understanding this.

Q. What is this beautiful soul supposed to learn from the arthritis that is in his body? And the isolation...…

A. It has been for him to find deeper compassion and loving acceptance of himself and of others. He will learn this by the time he finishes here in this place long before he is done. Where he is now. He is not done on earth. He is finishing here. There is more to learn, but it will be lived out.

Q. He deeply and sincerely desires to be done with the arthritis. It has taught him a great deal as you know and he is choosing to be done with this arthritis, the spasms, pain and inflammation and we are asking now once and for all, if you will heal this now?

A. It is being done.......

Q. Will there be a full and complete healing?

A. No....It will take some time.......three days. He will notice the changes right away.

Q. Is there anything he should know during these three days.

A. Believe........

Q. Can we bolster that so he can be very strong in that belief?

A. Yes....but he must accept it.

Q. Will he accept it?

A. Yes ...... He must continue with what he does for his maintain himself. The healing will be done. He needs to remain focused and to move forward. Healing is to help him grow, not to stop. The growth does not have to be painful as it has been in the past. The healing can be beautiful, he has not accepted that in the past. He will accept it now........

Q. He chooses to be done with the physical manifestation of fear. What does he need to know, and will you help him?

A. That the growth can be beautiful. There is pain, but it does not have to be painful. The emotions do not have to be physical pain. They can be felt and then released to see the truth.

Q. Does he know how to release them?

A. He will know. He will always be assisted with this journey. Honor the gift, the gift of healing and the ability to grow.

I have, since our session together, spoken with this gentleman and he has voiced very clearly that the healing was successful. He has been able to climb ladders, bend over and tie his boots without yelling in pain, and there has been an overall definite improvement. The spasms left entirely for a while, but have returned lightly. He is very happy that his ties to the family that adopted him are complete. He is patient about all of it and feels confident that there are still changes taking place. He is taking it one day at a time, but he is very pleased and very enthused about how much better he feels especially the relief from the painful discomfort that the R.A. created. He listens to the recording quite often but finds he falls asleep. I told him I felt that was ok, that it was still reaching in so to speak and doing its work. He said the first time he heard the recording, he heard a lot that he did not know was there. He has also stated that this healing has allowed him to differentiate between what was the old R.A. and what he now considers muscle ache from doing too much. He has requested another session as it appears he has more work he wants to do in the land of QHHT. "

The final session story that I really wanted to share is one that sent chills down my spine! Conducted by Laura Bogen of Atlanta, GA, here's an excerpt from a recent session she had with a client that was healed by Jesus:

"The night before the session, I thought the client backed out last minute (she hadn't sent the Q's in or called by the time agreed on after one rescheduling and weeks to prepare - her intense paranoia from a stalker situation left me without a way to reach her, no name, address, phone number....all her emails were sent from a protective site that required a different password each time for me to read the email). So I figured she maybe got cold feet and I was kind of bummed, feeling annoyed so I went to bed thinking if she reaches out to do the session past a certain time in the morning, I would just reschedule. Well, I woke up to an email of her questions and with her address, and I don't know about you, but when I start looking at questions that require a lot of emotional and physical healing, I get excited, and so I got my pep back and headed over there for the session. And so began one of the, if not THE, most interesting and successful sessions I've had! She went deeply and quickly into trance after 4.5 hours of a pre-talk. There was a beautiful place and past life. Why would she need to see a past life when Jesus was waiting for her instead, right? LOL. Now, mind you, I was raised Jewish (non-practicing now) and didn't really have a connection with Christ until recently and only in the sense of the Christ consciousness. Well, Jesus and my client spent the next two hours holding hands while he healed EVERYTHING. Everything means: back (she'd be able to jog again and walk without pain), hip (same outcome), neck/throat (she can swallow easier and turn her head normally now), sight, hearing, got rid of food and chemical allergies(as in, she can use soap now), tumors in ovaries, brain was repaired, and everything emotional cured...lifting fears, anxieties, rewiring the brain to think clearly, lifting a fog from her brain, reconnecting her to Spirit (there was a block that occurred after the second two of 4 prior brain injuries - so she had to stop being an intuitive coach because of lack of her usual connection to Spirit), among other things. There was no hesitation from Jesus like I've seen with the higher self, though her HS was quite present, as she was going back and forth between speaking in first and third person, dipping back and forth through levels of consciousness...even nodding off throughout for a moment here and there. We asked for the healing and instantly got an affirmative answer each and every time from Jesus, no hesitation. When he was healing her twisted throat and neck, she began turning it from side to side with more mobility than she's had since the injury. She was laughing and exclaiming(in trance): "I can move my neck more than before, look, oh WOW!". Lots of tears shed, lots of love, perspective, and understanding gained. An incredible session."

These are just a few examples of the thousands of incredible and jaw dropping session healings that take place when you have a QHHT or BQH session. One of the only times we hear the HS refuse to perform an instantaneous healing is when the ailment is part of the person's Life Plan. A perfect example of this is a session I observed Dolores Cannon conduct. Her client was blind and wanted to understand why; and of course, be healed. The HS of the client explained that he chose to be blind, as part of his contract in being reincarnated. He apparently chose this because by taking on such a debilitating experience, he was clearing much more karma than if he had come in without any ailments at all. He also knew that by experiencing a life being blind, he would gain tremendous experience, knowledge and growth in his true form, as Spirit.

For those that carry over issues from a past life or that manifest their ailments (the majority of the population), which come from the mental and emotional body, the HS typically wants assurance of two things:

1. Does/Will the client understand the reasons WHY the ailment occurred (the root of where the issue came from) and

2. Does/Will the client make the necessary changes to eliminate the ailment for good.

This makes sense of course because when we ignore our intuition, we are ignoring Spirit's guidance and advice. If your heart and intuition tells you that it's time to move onto another career, for example, but you stay out of fear, Spirit will continue to deepen this intuitive feeling that lies within your "gut". As time passes, if you continue to ignore it, They start to try other ways to get your attention which often equates to physical ailments. The longer you ignore your intuition and Spirit, the more severe physical ailment will grow. Those with a terminal dis-ease, as an example, have likely ignored their intuition for a very long time.

In nearly every case I have seen, the final message from Spirit after healing someone is that BELIEF is absolutely and unequivocally necessary for the healing to not only continue but also, to be permanent. We have free will - we don't have to believe but when we do, true miracles can and do happen! The nature of duality in this also says therefore, if you do not believe, don't be surprised if physical ailments do not get healed. This and all other life choices are left to each one of us; speaking only for myself, I most definitely believe!

If you have interest in tapping into your Higher Self to learn more about your past lives and how they are affecting your current life or have physical issues you would like to ask your HS about, please reach out to me or any one of the many QHHT and BQH Practitioners out there! You can learn about many of these practitioners by going to or for a session with myself, you can contact me at

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You can find more session stories, guided meditations and reserve your own session by going to:

Copyright 2018 Christine Shanesy-Kooper. This article may be shared freely as long as it is presented completely and with all links included.


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