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A Quantum Healing Session Story: The Global Extraterrestrial Integration Event

In this on-line Quantum Healing session, my client reveals details surrounding the Global Extraterrestrial Integration Event that is currently underway.

The Mission

To bring a higher awareness to the human collective of their primary soul aspects and to fully integrate into those primary aspects.

Quantum Healing Session Story

Being led by the ET collective, this Global ET Integration Event will occur in 4 phases and will result in all humans being completely integrated with their primary soul aspect which will culminate in the final 4th phase being the loss of linear time and ego.

The session begins with my client finding herself back on Venus as a leader of the Blue Orbs. She references this previously recorded past life session in this video so, if you like to, you can watch this previous session about the Blue Orb community and her past life as a witch in Salem here.

The Global ET Integration Phases

Phase 1: The leaders of all Extraterrestrial races are currently incarnated on Earth and have already begun the process of their full integration. As they do, they are continuing to bring down the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Extraterrestrials are watching and learning from their leaders.

Phase 2: The remaining ET population will reincarnate on Earth and also go through a full integration.

Phase 3: All other Beings from other origins (ie: the Sun Beings, Star Beings, those directly from Source, etc) will reincarnate and go through their full integration.

Phase 4: All Beings on Earth will operate from their primary aspect perspective and their will be a loss of linear time and ego.

Watch the Complete Video Here (23 minutes)

Time Stamps/Questions Asked

If you wish to skip around based upon the various facets of this Event: Start- About Soul Aspects 7:28- Phase One 8:31- Phase Two 9:44- How will the Global ET Integration Event unfold? 11:13- What changes can you expect? 13:39- What do people need to understand about this Event? 16:24- Is this Global ET Integration mandatory? 17:10- How long will the Global ET Integration transition take? 18:18- Phase Three 19:53- Is there a relationship between the Event and the energies of 2020? 21:22- What role, if any, does the Earth have in this Event? 22:26- Elaborate on recommendation for more people to have Quantum Healing sessions

What past life lessons and experiences await you?

You can find more information about Quantum Healing including session stories, guided meditations, and reserve your own session by going to:

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