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A Quantum Healing Session Story: Anxiety of Indecisiveness, Many Lives – Many Lessons

Quantum Healing Session Story

No one is immune from being swept up with anxiety when indecisiveness sets in. What if we make the wrong choice? Is one better than the other? What if the worst happens? Inevitably, self-doubt kicks in and we go auto pilot as we follow the thoughts into imagery of the most terrible kind.

This Quantum Healing session was several months back. My client had the session with the intentions of seeking clarity and understanding on why she holds herself back and is indecisive with fear about taking action. Follow along as this client touches on 5 of her past lives, all that help her regain clarity and perspective. We see how remnants of past lives can be brought forward to a present life and we also look at one example of a cellular memory that carries over.

London, 1880’s - Remnants of another life In her first past life, she returned to London in the 1880’s where she was a man named Jack in his late 30’s. Living with his wife and 2 young daughters, he had a successful career as a partner in a brokerage firm. Moving forward, we find him in his office feeling severely stressed in discovering that something has gone terribly wrong with one of the firm’s top client accounts. Bearing the responsibility, he shoots himself with a pistol. Being able to now view this life and death from the other side, we learn that the lesson lies within his impatience and a need to be acknowledged. The HS went on to add “Certain things will inspire you and certain things will motivate you. Just lean towards the light. When things motivate you, make your focus on love rather than worrying about acknowledgement. You will pick up these fear-based anxieties from lower energies and you let that gain momentum.”

The HS explained that this pattern happened before in previous past lives. “You were an orphan; it was long ago. In this life as an orphan, you felt a need to be seen and acknowledged. You felt this need as a means of survival so that's the remnant of where these emotions began.”

The Light Council – You choose I then took her even farther into the past; her astral life, at a time when she would be meeting with her Light Council to make decisions about her upcoming incarnation at the time. She sees herself at a table with at least 3 Council members and relays what happens; “The Council just described the location I’ll be going to as a kind of tropical island and that I’m going to be a blonde female in this upcoming life. Parts of this life will be easy but other parts of it will be hard. It has the purpose and lessons in which I'll learn about certain aspects of suffering and I will try to not control everything. I kind of argue with the council about suffering and they said that in this life, I'm going to learn that I choose when I'm suffering and I choose when I allow the suffering to end and so it ends up happening. I learned the lesson much later in life as an older woman; I come to peace with it and I sense I'm grateful for all of the wonderful lessons.”

Akashic Library – A cellular memory Taking her into yet another past life, she finds herself at what turns out to be the Akashic Library. Sensing she is female, she sees herself as having a translucent white body with long protruding feet and forehead, very large eyes and senses that she can morph her appearance to whatever she desires. The Keeper of Records is there to greet her, and he has a specific book that he wants to show her. With no words on the page, she realizes that she is supposed to use her senses to “read” the page. “It’s about a double terminated crystal that I think is a diamond.” She suddenly experiences a huge rush of energy, “the name of this energy is love.” The Keeper explains that the crystal and energy represent the clarity that she will have on her path as long as she follows this emotion of love. He goes on to explain that the blank pages are empty because her story has not been written yet; that it is her choice in what is written but regardless of what she chooses, it will be neither right nor wrong.

Sensing the repeating image and the word “pyramid”, she begins to understand that it is a snapshot memory of an Egyptian past life. "It's an ex-girlfriend of mine. She was my father in this life I'm watching but, in that life, this father of mine was not a good person and he raped little girls. The lesson for me is about forgiving the father archetype and it's my knowing that this is history telling and showing me this pyramid symbol as a reminder to forgive my father in my current life for the pressure and the fear he instilled in me. Both fathers were just acting out of fear and the bottom line is forgiveness.”

Asking her to turn the page of this book, she was shown a scene of a more ancient biblical time. She begins to view a scene in which she is a disciple named Peter. He and other disciples were chained in a public place where they were mocked and terribly beaten. “They’re just being mercilessly, beating and torturing us. Its Romans that are beating us and I can tell because they're wearing the red robes”. I asked her for the identity of the other disciples with her to which she replied “I'm getting the name Simon. Now I’m being put into the dungeon. I don't know why they are not killing me; what they're waiting for.” The Keeper of the Records went on to say “You're to learn this important day in which you're being tortured. They want to kill you for your beliefs; they want to silence you”. Moving her forward a bit in that life of Peter to see what happens, she says “it's another day and they opened the door and take me out again. Oh! I just had this image that they killed me by decapitating me!” to which the Keeper explained, “You can choose to stand by your beliefs no matter what and without being afraid. You hold back because you're afraid what's going to happen to you but in these civilized times, what you just saw can't and will not happen to you.”

The Higher Self Explains Many of her past lives included fear and in her current life today, she still faces occasions when she's fearful about moving forward or uncertain as to which way to go. If she would relax more, she could be more courageous because when she is so tightly wound up, this constriction doesn't allow the energy flow that is resonant with courage. She needs to learn to take more breaks and relax. She needs to balance her relaxing with productivity and the way she can do that is by taking a small step in action for only a short period of time because this diminishes fear because you know you're only going to do it for a little bit of time. It's when you make an action so important and try to make it perfect; but you don't have to be so perfect. In her current life, she doesn’t have enough joy, she doesn't give herself permission to have joy because she tells herself she needs to accomplish ‘X Y Z’ before she'll let herself have joy and the problem with that is that it's an unrealistic expectation of such a high standard before she gives herself that permission. It's like the image of when you teach a baby how to walk. You don't wait till they walk ten steps before you say they're doing good. Even if they stay balanced for half a second, fall right away, you give them permission to be happy right away. You don't say ‘well come back to me when you walk a block’ and that's what she's doing to herself. She's been conditioned to believe that in order to get what you want, you have to struggle and part of her knows that's not true and she needs to release this guilt for when she does achieve things with very little struggle.”

With the assistance of her Higher Self and Angelic Team, she was bathed in Source light that lifted the energies of fear, self-doubt and false beliefs from her and replaced them with courage and a knowingness that she can make any choices with courage, knowing she is always protected and safe.

What past life lessons and experiences await you?

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