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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Who Am I Really?

During an intense meditation recently, I asked the question “Who am I really?” I had spent the day in quiet reflection, quite aware of the stillness and glorious silence that directs our awareness to our true inner essence.

As soon as I asked the question, I began to see a scene that little by little, began to reveal itself. There were small and larger hills with expansive fields of wildflowers and as the scene continued to fill in, I saw large patches of even more flowers. These were not ordinary flowers though – they were PERFECT flowers! Flowers of every color and even colors I had never seen before. The variety was endless and each and every one was at its peak of health and beauty. Amongst these flowers was a thick carpet of grass with blades that were fluffy and again, perfect in every way with each blade of equal length and thickness. I saw myself sit down and in awe, began to take it all in as the scene became more and more alive.

Who Am I

My attention was drawn upwards towards a line of trees that were coming into focus. Tall and majestic trees started to pop up throughout the valley and just beyond the large body of water that also began to come into focus, were mountains and a lovely thick forest filled with life and an aliveness that melted my heart. I had a sense that there were many animals scattered throughout this valley and forest and one by one, they were brought into my awareness and I had a knowingness that they were there just for me. My gaze then rested upon the water and how unusual it appeared. It had the most amazing shades of blue and was glistening and sparkling so much so that I had moments where I felt blinded by its sparkling reflections from the warm and welcoming sun that shined brightly.

As I took in the scene, tears rolled down my face as waves of emotions came over me. The feeling of love filled me up until I thought my heart would simply break open. I felt a connectedness to each and every stunning form within the scene. Gratitude and humility filled every part of my beingness. I felt a kinship with the clouds, sun and the many animals that I felt present. These wonderful feelings were immense and beautifully overwhelming; each tear filled with gratitude of it being shared with me. I stayed engrossed in this magical place for quite some time, letting it fill me completely.

I suddenly wondered though - what did all of this have to do with my question about who I really was and in a blink of an eye, I received the answer. My answer was the equivalent of the emotions and descriptions that each form invoked within me; like a metaphor to show and fully express who I was. In my most purest and formless essence, I am love, I am perfection, I am colorful, I am creative, I am majestic, I am powerful, I am glorious, I am sparkling, I am vibrant, I am beautiful, I am filled with aliveness, I am gratitude but even more to the point, I AM everything. I am the essence of everything shown to me within the scene – the magic of each form and every emotion that arose within me.

Who am I (and you) really? Imagine the most beautiful scene you can think of and start describing what it is about each thing that makes it beautiful to you. Feel every wonderful emotion that each form invokes within you. Now know – this is who you are!

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