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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Crystals to eliminate bad luck and karma?


Do you ever feel like you are doomed to having bad luck; or maybe wondering if their is a karma debt being played out? I receive many e-mails about these types of concerns. Desperate for answers that might explain why they have what they feel is “bad luck”, many conclude that they must be cursed or perhaps even, are living out a karma debt due to something they must have caused in some past life.

As beings, we are constantly seeking answers and explanations as to why certain things happen. We become especially determined to find answers if the events happening are of a negative nature and if they seem to be something that happens frequently. Those that suffer with these types of fears are indeed suffering. They live in constant fear; seeing almost every event in their life as further proof of their fate. Fear perpetuates more fear so over time, their fears become their reality as they attract more fear, manifest fearful events and perceive everything that happens from a viewpoint of fear. They can easily sink deep into feelings of depression, guilt and lose all perspective on reality.

Fear is one of the strongest emotions we can experience and ironically, fear gives energy to even more fear so it’s understandable that these folks feel strongly about what is happening to them. As their physical bodies fill with never-ending dread and fear; their mental bodies race with desperate thoughts on how they can possibly overcome it and even, what they did to deserve it. They will seek out every possible spiritual practice and modality in hopes of making it go away; or spend absorbent amounts of money seeking the advice of every medium or psychic they can find on the subject.

In some cases, the diagnoses of a curse or karma debt comes from or is validated by a medium or psychic that they have sought counsel from. This can be either a blessing or an event that comes with very harsh lessons in discernment. Within this dualistic world, there are wonderfully gifted beings who can not only help to validate certain things in our lives but guide us to understanding and resolving them. There are also those who while still very gifted, can use their position to instill an even greater level of fear; using that fear to put themselves in control for personal gain. Part of having good discernment is having the ability to listen to your own body and feelings from a distance.

When were too close to our emotions, it’s very hard, and often even impossible, to find a place of mental clarity in being able to really listen to what our emotions are telling us. If you can take a step back while listening to what others have to tell you, as if you were a 3rd party simply listening in, it is much easier to use this discernment. If what you hear drums up more fear, this is a clear sign from your Higher Self that what you are being told is not accurate or truthful for you. It is a definitive and clear warning that you need to walk away from this person. If what you are hearing brings you hope and comfort, these are emotions that are clear signs that they speak the truth and have your highest interests at heart. I will forewarn you though that the lesson of improving and listening to our inner discernment is a common lesson for many of us so be prepared to be challenged as often as it takes until such time that Spirit knows you have mastered it. This means that if you should fall prey to someone who turns out to not have your highest interest at heart, you should not berate yourself but instead, see it simply as something you need more practice with. These are opportunities for your growth and evolution; not punishments or a sign of bad luck in your not having found an intuitive that can guide you in a sincere and loving way.

Unfortunately, when someone reaches out to me for help through crystals, they are often operating from a viewpoint in which they have been convinced that they are doomed with any sense of empowerment being wiped away. Often, my initial instincts are to refuse a sale and instead, try and convince them that they are not cursed and if karma is at play, how they can use this as an opportunity for greatness, but this is usually not the best course of action. Not initially anyways.

Instead, this is a person who deserves tremendous empathy and understanding. Regardless of what the truth might be, their realty is very real to them and it is paramount to acknowledge and respect this. With the mind being as powerful as it is after all, the mere fact that negative occurrences can be manifested cannot be underestimated.

Every case is unique but generally speaking, I will often provide specific crystal recommendations based upon everything that is shared with me. I might feel they would benefit from crystals that embody self-love or, it might be crystals more suited towards protection. Remember, these are people who have, through their suffering and circumstance, mastered the use of their imagination and often, the art of manifestation so with their power of belief, they will benefit from these kinds of crystal recommendations. But that only takes care of the immediate need.


The bigger challenge is to patiently listen and be ready to offer guidance when ready. This might be sharing QHHT hypnosis session stories about karma and how it works to dispel fears that they are being punished in any way. It might be as simple as re-defining karma from the inaccuracies and misunderstandings that so many have about it today. I spent a long time misunderstanding karma until, as a QHHT Practitioner, I was able to learn what it really is directly from Spirit. As Spirit explained, it is merely a name given for those qualities that we have yet to master. If, for example, we cause someone tremendous grief because we had a lack of patience, we might want to reincarnate again so as to work on our level of patience and understanding. We are given many challenges to help us improve this quality and, as part of these lessons, be put in a situation where we are made to feel less than from someone who shows a lack of patience. By being given the opportunity to stand in the shoes of the one we belittled, we are shown the dualistic nature of this quality. It is only when we have seen and felt one extreme that we can truly comprehend and incorporate the opposite extreme into our day to day nature. My imagination would often challenge this though with my limited human mind and wonder about the extreme case where someone kills another. Would that person then reincarnate and be killed themselves? Again, had I listened to my inner discernment, I would have been able to feel the fear this drummed up and therefore know it is not true but at the time, paying attention to such things were not in my mind. Spirit has indeed validated that no; such negative and drastic measures are not the preferred method of guiding us through the maze of events and choices during our Earthy visit. In this case, the person who kills you would then have karma to balance and as they have stated, the goal is to help us overcome our karma, not to perpetuate it with yet another person having karma to overcome. Can the use of crystals assist you when facing a karmic situation? Yes, they can but they are limited. While crystals cannot undo an event that has come and gone, nor undo the contractual agreements made at the time of your choosing to reincarnate, they can help smooth things out a bit to lessen the bumpy ride you might be experiencing. Amethyst and Rose Quartz are two of the premier crystals with self-love, unconditional love, inner peace and in general, helping you to ride with the storm instead of trying to fight against it. The ride will happen no matter what so best to try to make it a smooth one if you can.

Do curses really exist? Well, yes – they do! Anyone can curse another person and, in many ways, often indirectly, this happens all of the time. Can crystals prevent or remove a curse? Yes and no – the answer really lies within each person. Ultimately, it boils down to your belief system. If you believe that darkness or bad luck can penetrate your world and cause havoc, then I’m afraid that that is precisely what can happen. Darkness feeds on darkness so if you are emanating fear, you will attract those things that will only enhance that fear that your trying to escape from. A much better approach is to consider looking at your belief system and where opportunities lie to improve upon them. I say improve not as a judgement but as a matter of fact because the fact of the matter is that we do not know what we don’t know about. If you’re not aware that you are really a Spirit, here volunteering to learn more and as you go about this, to help others, then you won’t have that reference to use as a foundation to more empowered beliefs. If you don’t realize that as a part of Source, you ARE Source, then how could you possibly understand that darkness cannot come near light? Until you understand … and I mean REALLY understand AND believe that you are a powerful Source being, can you embody the tremendous and innate power that you have. And certainly, until you understand and believe this, you cannot step into that power and BE that power.

Yes, crystals can help us in many ways. They are a gift from Source and Mother Earth; they are our resources. We can use them to enrich our lives greatly and they can help smooth out what might be a rocky road, but they cannot solve any of our problems. Our problems lie within us; within our understanding, perceptions and belief systems. While I love what I do in sharing these amazing energies with my customers, what I love even more so is when I see someone begin to see and understand how amazing they are and that within them lies a tremendous power and freedom from fears.

Anyone seeking guidance with how crystals can assist them in their life are always welcome to send me a message, so we can talk further. Until then, I send you much love, many hugs and blessings!

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Copyright 2018 Christine Shanesy-Kooper. This article may be shared freely as long as it is presented completely and with all links included.

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