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Quantum Healing
In-Person (QHHT) vs Online (BQH) Sessions

Today, their are two methods of Quantum Healing. The original method is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and then later on came Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).  Their fundamental difference is that one must be done in-person while the other one can be done in-person or online.  

Their are two main reasons why the difference in these two methods has become a common question and I hope to explain it here.  Ultimately however, these are only methods of the same modality so their differences should not become too much of a distraction.  The wisdom, explorations and journeys that come out of a session are all that truly matter.

*SPOILER ALERT (for those that prefer to get to the point):  When comparing in-person (QHHT) to on-line (BQH) methods of Quantum Healing, their are zero differences with session results EXCEPT that clients report many additional benefits from on-line in comparison to in-person. If your still curious but prefer to watch a video answer, see below!


One of the most inherit reasons is because when most people think of wellness or healing type services, they think of being an in-person setting. They think of working with energy as something that should ~ or needs ~ to be in-person.  This is part of our conditioning and quite normal.  Today however, we know better.

The secondary reason lies within the disengaging consequences of technology ~ it’s definitely not something that I would have seen myself using as I am today!  Many years later however, I and many other practitioners are indeed using it more and more because we’ve experienced the benefits of it as it relates to Quantum Healing in particular.  In fact, there are a hand full of practitioners that are now doing phone-only sessions.  Let me explain ….

Working with Energy

From a purely energic point, we know that energy is a interpersonal, non-physical force or essence that can be shared or directed elsewhere without limitations.  Only our beliefs affect our limitations.  Every day, more and more of the science community is discovering the truth behind energy via quantum physics and the magnitude of power than can be harnessed and used for many purposes and applications, none of which involve any need to be in-person to the person, place or thing a person is working with.  Long distance Reiki is probably one of the more common examples of where this practice has become accepted over time. 

Quantum Healing

Keeping in mind that Quantum Healing is a guided meditation/hypnosis/trance type method and as such, the primary sense we’re using here is sound – your needing to hear me and visa versa.  With on-line sessions, we can of course not only hear each other but also see each other and so in this, we’ve met the minimum of sound.  Lastly, and most importantly, this type of work requires that clients be able to deeply relax with their conscious minds quieted and in a state of allowance for the subconscious mind to come through.


And so, it was realized that for most client, on-line sessions offer 3 significant benefits:

  • Clients feel more at ease and comfortable in their own home or space

  • The conscious mind is more easily disengaged and allowing when it is in a familiar setting (ironically … we’re actually needing a bit of disengagement)

  • After sessions, there is a period of grogginess and sometimes even physical ‘detox’ type symptoms and so clients tend to be more safe at home, not having to drive after a session


Of course, there are also most definitely clients that either do not have the minimum technological requirements for an on-line session or those that simply fair better with in-person sessions for a variety of reasons and for this occasions, I do still offer them. 

On-Line Technical Requirements

Online sessions are held using ZOOM, an easy web-based video meeting system. The only three things you will need is:


  • Access to your computer (a laptop is most ideal so it can be moved into position)

  • A headset or earbuds with an attached microphone and;

  • A strong and dependable internet service (although sessions can and have been done without this)

After your session is confirmed, I will send you a personalized Zoom link for our session appointment.

In case you would prefer to watch a quick video, instead of reading, here's a quick video I put together explaining these differences and a bit of the history of how each method was developed.

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