Services Offered
Quantum Healing Session Options
*Upon request, all clients that are new to Quantum Healing can receive a FREE 1 hour practice session 2-3 days prior to actual session date.*

Quantum Healing Session


Up to 4 hours ~ In-Person

$350 USD



Quantum Healing Condensed Session
Up to 2 hours ~ On-Line
$150 USD

Quantum Healing Session


Up to 4 hours ~ On-Line

$275 USD



Quantum Healing Follow Up Session
Up to 3 hours ~ On-Line
$200 USD

Choosing between In-Person (QHHT) and On-Line (BQH) Sessions

If you're trying to decide between an in-person and on-line session OR have questions about the differences between Quantum Healing Technique (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), take a look at this, it just might help! If you still have questions, just send me a message and I'll be happy to help you.

Other Services

Reiki Healing Sessions

1 hour, long distance ~ $75 USD 

30 min for 5 days, long distance ~ $150 USD 

Nine Star Ki Birthdate Reading

Full Analysis Report (10+ pgs)

$75 USD

Spiritual Guidance for Daily Presence

$75/hr USD


Please contact me at with a couple date and time options that work best for you. Based upon my availability, we'll confirm an appointment that works for us both. Once a date is agreed upon, you will need to process the full session fee in order for your appointment to be confirmed (see below).  


Once you have processed payment for a session, you will receive a Client Info and Agreement Form that you will need to complete and return to prior to the session date.


The only exception to the above is with a Birthdate Reading as this does not require a set appointment.

Please read the Payment & Refund Policy

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