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Quantum Healing Student and Practitioner

Mentorship and Support

Over the years, I have had many Quantum Heling students and practitioners alike come to me for support, advise and general mentorship and because it brings me so much satisfaction and joy to do this, I've decided to add it to my list of available services.  


Perhaps it stems from my own experiences of not having a mentor throughout my journey or much support myself and so now, I want to be that genuine helper that I did not have. 

I am here to provide unconditional love, support and guidance to all of humanity but their is something even more special when I am helping those that help others.  We are, after all, in this together!

I do not charge for my support - it would not be unconditional otherwise.  So whether you are a student or a practicing Quantum Healer, please contact me here to tell me how I can assist you.  Some types of support include business set up, organization and communications, scripts, hypnosis advice or just general questions. 

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