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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

A Quantum Healing Session Story: Vibrational Defenses Cause Destruction of Planet in Annuaki War

Quantum Healing Session Story

When I began this session, I was expecting that my client would have a “traditional” session in experiencing a few past lives and of course, time with her Higher Self to explore personal questions and concerns. By now however, I should know to always expect the unexpected as that is really becoming more and more the “norm”. More and more frequently, Practitioners are being taken along on amazing galactic adventures with what appears to be a purpose of removing the veil of illusions for the collective, which at times, seems to be with an emphasis with Hypnotherapy clients. Perhaps it is due to their focus of interest in exploring past lives and who they are above and beyond who they know as ‘just’ themselves as a human being. Times are indeed changing; new and amazing information is coming to the surface and it’s truly a wonderful time in the Spiritual Hypnotherapy arena!

I will call my client “Tammy”. Tammy is also a Hypnotherapist with a strong desire to serve and help others. A very kind-hearted person, she is also intuitive and works diligently with her own clients and practice and yet, had not had many opportunities to experience hypnosis on herself.

Towards the end of this story, we see her Higher Self provide some physical healings but we're going to start from the beginning. The first thing she noticed, as she looked around at her surroundings, was that she was on a planet that was very dry and desert-like. The little bit of vegetation that she did see was dried out and brown. She was a man who described himself as having large feet with toes that were quite large and bulbus looking. His feet were primarily dark blue but there were other colors mixed in and as he scanned his body from bottom to top, the various colors became lighter as it extended up and throughout his body. He described his face as being “kinda ugly” with it being very thin and drawn with lots of angles. He said that he felt his age was the human equivalent of around 35 years old and he wore light blue iridescent clothing and had a metal backpack on. He said his name was 'Aquakadem' (phonetic).

(ME: Practitioner; TM: Tammy; HS: Higher Self)

ME: “Do you know how to open the backpack?”

TM: “Yea, I think I just push a button”

ME: “Okay, go ahead and open it. Let me know what you see inside”

TM: “It looks like tablets. I’m not sure what they're made of, but they're different colors and I think they’re to eat. They're like pills.”

ME: “What happens when you eat one?”

TM: “They give us more energy”

ME: “You said that the tablets were different colors so do the different colors provide you with different types of experiences?”

TM: “Yes, yes. Yes, they’re for different things. Depends on how depleted we are in our energy and how much we need.”

ME: “Do you feel that you need to take one now?”

TM: “I can take a yellow one”

ME: “Okay, go ahead and take a yellow one and tell me what feelings you experience when you take it”

TM: “Makes me feel hydrated. Makes me feel like I have energy.”

Next, it was time to explore this planet and their living space a bit more and see what we could learn. He said that he lived in a large community in underground caverns and caves. Each occupant had their own private cave and the furniture within it was from their being carved out. He shared his room (or cave) with his sister who he called 'Clewau' (phonetic) and began to share some of his observations about the items in the room."

It should be noted that the idea of planets having deep winding caverns is not a new one. Science fully acknowledges that this could be a very real possibility and are constantly looking to advance equipment to assist in these findings and exploration.

TM: “I see things, but I don't know what they are”

ME: “Like what? Let's pick something up and let's see if we can figure out what it is”

TM: “Theirs a square metal thing with legs, almost like a robot but it’s not moving. It’s like a square metal thing and it has these long legs”

ME: “I wonder if there's any one around that you can ask about this machine? Could you ask anyone what it is and what it does?”

TM: “I can try. I asked somebody walking by and they took the lid off and there's kind of like a lot of brown tiny bowls in there. I don't know what it is or what it's for. I don’t know if it’s food or what it is. It's like just the size of rice grains but their round.”

ME: “And that person that helped you before, would they be able to tell you a little bit more about it?”

TM: “They kept walking; they were kind of irritated by my asking. They just came in and took the lid off and walked out again.”

In Hypnotherapy, this is often a sign that the details of what we’re asking about are not relevant and so I just moved on to other things.

ME: “Okay. Well, let’s go ahead and set that down. What else do you see in the room?”

TM: “I see the walls are carved for places to sit and tables to put things on, so it’s carved out”

ME: “And are there other personal belongings in the room? Any other objects?”

TM: “Clothes, like what I’m wearing, folded. It's a little bit high tech. I can push on this button and something comes up from the floor that's like a fire but it's not fire, it’s different colors but mostly white and blue. It warms the area; we like it warm”

ME: “Are there any pictures or other personal objects in the room?”

TM: “No pictures. There's lots of little things; lots of little baubles and such”

ME: “And do any of these baubles catch your attention in particular?"

TM: “One of them is to communicate with”

ME: “Communicate with whom?”

TM: “With others of our species that are not nearby”

ME: “What would you call your species? Is there a name?”

TM: Yes, it’s something with a Z, like 'Zukladay'” (phonetic)

It appeared that while he lived in a large community, there didn’t appear to be much socialization with everyone living quite independently so I turned his attention to what a typical day for him looks like and why these beings were living underground instead on the surface.

ME: “And what do you do most of the time; what type of work do you do?”

TM: “We go to the surface and we find things that we could use down here.”

ME: “When you are finding things, what types of things are you looking for? What would be most helpful?”

TM: “We’re looking for certain types of rocks and certain types of earth”

ME: “What types are you looking for?”

TM: “We use the rocks and the earth to make things. We melt the rocks to make our metals or hard things.”

ME: “I wonder what type of rocks those are called?”

TM: “I don’t know.”

ME: “And tell me, why is it that you don't live on the surface? Why do you live underground?”

TM: “I feel that the surface temperature is unstable. It gets either too hot or too cold.”

ME: “And has it always been this way or did something happen to change it?”

TM: “As long as I can remember, there have been stories about ‘before’ but they’re just stories”

ME: “So as long as you can remember and have been in existence, you have been living underground?

TM: “Yes”

ME: “And do you ever travel off of the surface into space?”

TM: “Yes”

ME: “And how do you travel?”

TM: “We change our frequency. We change our frequency; our vibration and we can travel”

ME: “And how do you change your frequency?”

TM: “We focus our attention, breathe and we hum and then we can shift from physical bodies to energetic bodies”

ME: “What type of places do you visit? Is there a reason or a purpose of your travels?”

TM: “The purpose of our travels is to explore; to gain knowledge. I feel that we do not get along well with many other species. We do not trust other species. We can meet and interact with other beings, but it takes a lot to gain our trust.”

ME: “I wonder what happened to cause that distrust?”

TM: “We like to stay on our planet and we like to be under the surface and we like to be left alone.”

Next, I had him go farther into the future, to another day so we could perhaps find out more information. What we found is that he was being pushed out of his home and community.

TM: “I feel like I'm being pushed out from underneath the surface. There's several other beings and their pushing me out of the caverns and I’m being sent to the surface”

ME: “Why would they do that? What happened?”

TM: “They didn't agree with something I was doing. There is a small group of us that travels inter-dimensionally and I was not supposed to do that. I was not supposed to travel that way.”

ME: “So they're kicking you out?”

TM: “Yes. Yes. They're pushing me to the surface.”

ME: “That seems to be awfully harsh”

TM: “They're very scared. They're very scared of other species and the few that travel this way do so to avoid other species and to only interact with those who have secured our trust over many generations. And so, they're very careful about who they allow to travel this way and interact with other beings because they don't want these beings to find us; to find our planet and they're very scared of what these other beings can do to us but I am not scared.”

ME: “What are they so scared of exactly? What’s the basis of this fear?”

TM: “I do not know, but there are stories. There are stories that the surface of our planet used to be more habitable and we all used to travel in this way, inter-dimensionally and we used to live without fear. And in living without fear, we attracted other species who would prey upon us and who waged a war with us and destroyed the surface of our planet.”

ME: “So now that you've been pushed out, what do you do? Where do you go?”

TM: “There are some above ground caves that I can try to live in, but my plan is to find such a cave and to travel from there and not to come back.”

I opted to skip over the immediate future of his finding an above ground cave and sent him, once again, into the future when he had found and landed on his new planet.

TM: “It’s another planet. There lots of green vegetation; olive greens and orange-browns and then looking at a distance, I see a city with beings. There are many different types of beings on this planet. There are some that live in this city and there are some that are Light Beings, like dancing lights and I’m different from them all.”

ME: “Do you think you will enjoy living here?”

TM: “I find this place very interesting. There's a lot here to hold my attention and I will stay here for some time.”

ME: “Is there anything in particular that draws your attention?”

TM: “I like these Light Beings, they have different colors of light and they can see me and interact with me. They're very small. I like them.”

ME: “So, you don't fear them as you might have before in your other planet?”

TM: “I don't fear; that is the way of my people. The way of my people is fear, but I don’t fear.”

ME: “Wonderful. And in this new planet, have you found a place to live yet?”

TM: “Yes, I'd like to spend time by the water and the trees”

With him now residing happily on a different planet, I decided it was time to find out more about these ‘stories’ and what really happened on his previous planet that caused the surface to become inhabitable.

TM: “We were naive. We were open; we were joyful and other beings began to prey upon our kindness and we didn't understand what they were doing until it was too late. They were using our hospitality and taking things from our planet that we needed, that the planet needed to survive and to be stable and to be beautiful in the way that it was. They were taking these things that disrupted the balance of the planet and when we understood that they were taking these things, beyond our permission, we began to try to fight back. WE DID IT! - with our vibration!" (he said with shocking surprise)

ME: “You did what, fight back?”

TM: “Yes. Yes. But WE caused the further damage to our planet and we made it so that we can no longer live on the surface because we used our vibration as a weapon and we made it where these other beings cannot come to our planet, but also things cannot grow on the surface. We did this to ourselves with our vibration.”

ME: “These beings that came, that were stealing and causing trouble., was it a particular species or was it made up of many different types?”

TM: “There were many different types, but there were two main types that I can see.”

ME: “What's that?”

TM: “One type was a dark energetic form of being. They were feeding off of us, taking away our light. There's another species that was mainly taking away things from our planet; taking away rocks and minerals and things.”

ME: “Do any of these species have a name?”

TM: “I want to say the darkness beings are what can be called the 'Loosh' (phonetic). They have many names, some call them the Anunnaki. They have many names.”

ME: “Wonderful. And what else can you tell me? Is there anything else going on that is relevant?”

TM: “Yes, we we're able to find the right vibration, the right frequency to make ourselves unpalatable for these dark energetic beings but did it in a way that assisted in the destruction of our planet, so it could have been done in a better way.”

There is quite a bit of information on the internet about the Anunnaki, but you will get a lot of conflicting and inconsistent opinions depending on the sources you look to. According to Sumerian myth, they were aliens called the Nephilim in the Bible and guessed to have first arrive on Earth probably 450,000 years ago. In other writings about them, which come from the Post-Akkadian period, the Anunnaki were said to be the most powerful deities in the pantheon, descendants of An, the god of the heavens, and their primary function is to decree the fates of humanity.

Regardless, it appears that the ultimate demise of this planets’ surface came from a misuse of the vibrations available to its inhabitants. When I asked for the name of the planet, he said “I see is as ‘Vrc’ (phonetic). It's hard to translate it to our language.”


The Higher Self

One of the very first questions typically asked of the Higher Self is why they chose to show the client the particular past life that they were shown. While I will not share most of this conversation, I will share those parts that are relevant to this initial question. In order to do this however, you’ll need to understand that the expanded answer came after my inquiring about the ongoing back pain that she had been experiencing and was looking for relief from.

ME: “I'd like to turn your attention to her physical wellbeing. She's mentioned that she has had back issues for quite a long time. You were able to assist her in alleviating this pain a while back but unfortunately, the pain has returned and she's wondering why the pain is suddenly returned when she was doing so well before.”

HS: “To remind her; to remind her to trust. That's part of why that life was shown earlier in this session. Do you want to be safe and comfortable and fearful underground? Or do you want to be fearless and full of love and wonder and live freely; to go where you wish to go. It was a reminder to not get stuck in a comfortable state of being. She needs to push herself for growth, outside of her comfort zone.”

ME: “And so now that you have given her this reminder and she understands it’s source, when she wakes up from this session, will the back pain then be gone again? Because she no longer needs the reminder, does she?”

HS: “We're working on it now and it can be removed.”

ME: “I know she would greatly appreciate it if you could remove the pain once and for all right now. Can you do that?”

HS: “We can remove it now but if she forgets again it may come back.”

ME: “Wonderful. I know she will be very appreciative so if you could go ahead and remove it now please”

HS: “It is removed.”

I should take this moment to relay the update I received from this client about her back condition. This session was done towards the end of last month, in November and as of the other day, she has had no back pain whatsoever! This is a marvelous example of the healing possibilities seen with Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Once the client understands WHY there is an ailment or issue, there is usually no reason left for the ailment to be present – the message has been understood. As long as the person doesn’t forget, they will very rarely see the same issue pop up again.

Like many, she also wanted to ask about her poor vision. In this case, you can see where sometimes the issue requires a bit more work and time to repair.

HS: “This often happens when persons are unwilling to see clearly. She has done a lot of work, but she needs to continue to look at herself honestly and work on acceptance. Her eyesight is already getting better and it will continue to get better. The more she accepts herself, let’s go of judgement and trusts that it can and is being done, it will be done.”

And then there are those ailments where the Higher Self decides that they are to be used as a learning tool for the person; a path, if you will, of self-discovery into our innate healing abilities. Such was the case when I asked about an old hand injury that had healed yet still caused pain at times.

HS: “It has lessened. As she balances her emotions and keeps a steady, higher vibration, she can learn to release the pain. It has lessened; this is something that's there, so she can do it herself. She can learn to do this herself.”

Most within the metaphysical community can attest to their feeling many energetic shifts in the universe and how these shifts play into what is called the 'New Earth'. Here once again, this topic is brought up.

ME: “She has been feeling a strong urge and message to group up with people; to bring people together. Can you shed some light on this urge and feeling that she's been having?”

HS: “I see it as a pulse. The pulse has gone throughout the planet there's an urge that many feels, and this is the beginning of the shift. It is part of the processes for the shift to the New Earth. It begins as an urge and need; a desire to unite.”

ME: “Has this shift only just begun or had it already begun?”

HS: “The shift has been happening for a very long time. The actual creation of the New Earth experience must be created by the minds of those inhabiting human bodies and to stipulate this desire to create this New Earth through the mind. We have sent this urge to unite so that this New Earth experience can be created.”

ME: “And do you have a timeframe of when this might happen?

HS: “This is why the time is very hard to predict. It's because it's dependent upon humans, but also, I'm seeing timelines. There are many, many may different timelines and I'm seeing a converging of timelines. We shift; we can shift between timelines, but they are also converging, and this makes it very difficult to specify time. It depends on the actions of humans and if they create it with their minds.”

In closing and before saying good bye to the client’s Higher Self, I asked if there were any final messages that they wished to impart upon her which was:

HS: “Her path is a different path and is a lonely path but if she continues to expand, then she will not feel lonely.”

I hope you have enjoyed this Quantum Healing session story. It is truly remarkable to be able to work with Higher Consciousness in this fashion. The vast knowledge and information are astounding, and the historical information brought forward never ceases to amaze me.

You can find more session stories, guided meditations and reserve your own session by going to:

Copyright 2019 Christine Shanesy-Kooper. This article may be shared freely as long as it is presented completely and with all links included.


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