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New Year Message and Promotion

The New Earth energies continue to soar all around us and are being deeply felt and expressed individually and collectively in many ways. However these energies are expressing themselves for you, they present themselves as a gift of opportunity. The time has come for you to identify with the truth of who you really are instead of the very temporary and limited Being of the past.

You are infinite and eternal Beings of Light and Love and it is my goal to assist you in bridging this gap between the past and present and need for an expansion of consciousness.

Quantum Healing enables you to achieve the same state of awareness and presence that even the most advanced meditator achieves after years of practice! It reaches your deepest subconscious and brings forth answers to questions people have about their lives and brings significant healing to the body, mind, heart and soul on the highest levels possible. Life Journey’s – The Many Aspects of You!

​In Quantum Healing, you will meet other aspects of you! Some people experience past lives, future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets and in other dimensions. Some people visit the spirit side to visit ancestors, guides or even Source itself while others can find themselves in the Akashic Records, meeting with their Light Council and still others visit the Temple of Healing. For this reason, I often refer to these journeys as Life Journeys!

When you connect with the wisdom, experiences and spiritual gifts of your other aspects, those qualities become immediately activated for your current life.

You are an extraordinary spiritual being; yet at this moment, most beings are only aware of the smallest part of the self ~ the superficial personality you that is playing out the part of existence on this planet. We all know that there is more to us than just our brain and body – the greater part of our being is our Soul, Higher Self, Spirit and Higher Consciousness.

Embodying the Higher Self

Our connection to higher levels begins and ends inside. We are ALL able to connect to the higher levels and dimensions of our own being. Despite this truth, it can be exceptionally difficult for the average person to obtain this awareness and conscious connection due to our human conditioning and the endless streams of thoughts and activities going on in and around us.

I help guide you to your inner stillness and essence that is the truth of who you REALLY are and it's this essence that is always connected to Source, your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides so with this guidance, you can not only feel and come to know this connection but also communicate and receive answers and knowledge from these higher dimensions. Once felt and experienced, your conscious awareness of this connection will naturally continue to grow, and this is the path of beginning to actually integrate and embody your Higher Self.

​ This is refined subtle work, but you can receive much knowledge, wisdom, guidance, support, comfort, and healing from all the wonderful entities that exist in higher levels and care for each one of us.

You have never been alone. Now more than ever, we are all surrounded by countless Higher Beings ready to embrace us with their love and wisdom. If you are ready to take your journey to the next level, Quantum Healing might be the perfect catalyst for you! Read more here or contact me directly at Love, Hugs and Blessings, Christine

You can find more information about Quantum Healing including session stories, guided meditations, and reserve your own session by going to:

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