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  • Christine Kooper

Finding Treasure through Gratitude


Life is filled with amazing surprises; gifts and abundance from the Universe. The key is choosing where to focus. It's really that simple.

How can such a simple technique have an impact on your financial life? First, there are two things that are important to understand. Firstly, everything, to include thoughts, is energy and secondly, we, as energy, are also creators and so we attract and/or detract other types of energy based upon where our focus is.

When you focus on something, you are generating a thought energy that holds a certain vibration. This focus can be on something very specific (ie: money) or it can be a general thought (ie: lack of abundance). As you give that same thought more and more energy, the vibration of that energy builds until it is strong enough to return it right back to you. Focus on things that you appreciate and feel grateful for, and you'll see more things to be grateful for. Focus on things that make you unhappy, and you'll see more things that make you unhappy.

Using gratitude to allow the flow of what you DO want is really just a matter of choosing a better perspective. Let's look at a simple example of the power of perspective:

Imagine a woman that has no money; not even a few dollars to feed herself. Suddenly, a stranger appears and gives her $20. How would she react to receiving $20? She'd probably be overcome with joy and gratitude!

Now imagine a woman that has $200 but needs $600 more to pay a bill by the end of the month. What would her reaction be to receiving $20 from a stranger? She'd probably be appreciative, but still mostly focused on what she DOESN'T have - $780 still needed to pay the bill.

This isn't about the sum of money involved, but the FOCUS chosen in both examples. You may think that a simple focus on gratitude can do nothing more than help you feel better about your life, but it goes much deeper than that. According to brain science, searching for something to be grateful for shifts the focus to the positive aspects of life. It turns out that choosing to be grateful; even if your not sure about what; will boost the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin; one of the positive side-effects of a gratitude practice.

Over the past couple decades, much research and numerous scientific studies have been conducted on and about gratitude. Research is revealing that those who practice gratitude on a regular basis, truly do enjoy upgrades in their health and happiness. Robert Emmons, Ph.D., one of the world's leading scientific experts on gratitude, studied the benefits of gratitude on more than one thousand people ranging from 8 to 80 years old. Dr. Emmons reported that the study led to overwhelming results: Those people who practiced simple, daily exercises in gratitude (such as keeping a gratitude journal and/or expressing gratitude to others), reported a host of health and wellness benefits, as well as improved relationships. So, being grateful actually improves not only your mental health but also your physical health! Yes, it's amazing! Your immune system gets stronger, your blood pumps better and you have more mental clarity than ever before. You start to look at the world differently and lead with different intentions and you do so from a firm sense of empowerment as you are no longer reacting to life but are instead, clearly in the drivers seat - choosing to have or search for gratitude is a pretty powerful thing!

I claim my abundance with my treasures by taking charge of what I focus on. I choose to claim life as a gift, no matter what a situation looks like.

To discover gifts in your own life, it is important to acknowledge, appreciate and to be grateful for what you already have. Gratitude for the gifts that are present fosters an awareness of abundance that comes to us all in all shapes and sizes.

Gratitude helps you tune into the simpler pleasures in life - the seemingly small miracles, the glimpses of beauty that might have missed otherwise. You feel more hopeful, optimistic, and enthusiastic about your life.

You even develop the willingness to find the "silver lining" in every cloud. Problems no longer make you feel powerless and out of control. You learn how to be grateful for the challenges, knowing there must be a solution or two following closely behind.

And of course, that very attitude is what ushers in the solutions and opportunities you seek. Walk with a mindfulness of what surrounds you. As I go through my day, I discover gifts everywhere. Parking spaces at a congested mall, a Cardinal singing from her new home in our yard, the sun beaming down upon me, beautiful music that inspires me, my amazing husband who loves me unconditionally, my dog that loves to cuddle and even the air that I breathe .... so very much to be grateful for!

Life is full of riches. I need only open my eyes and look, reach out, touch and claim my abundance. Even those things that can be considered a challenge can be transformed into blessings if we choose to focus on that which is the gift. For example, going through a divorce may seem painful and sad, but it can also be seen as an inner strengthener and freedom-giver. Loosing a job may be the perfect opportunity to clarify intentions and then manifest a more appropriate career. Sickness may change a pattern of overwork and stress to that of a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Some make finding the gifts into a game; like a fun game of hide and seek. The Universe puts out the goodies and if you choose to look, you'll find them. But let me tell you something I've discovered - the gifts are there whether I look for them or not. It's mine to choose to look and to find them, for the blessings are already there.

Saying thank you to everything is a powerful act, for gratitude transforms darkness into light. When I take something that I had considered negative and shine the light of gratitude upon it, it is changed into a jewel for my treasure chest.

Living an abundant life is as simple as looking for the treasures while remembering this moment is in itself, a precious gift.

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