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  • Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Feeding the Right Brain: Quantum Healing Session Preperation

If you are not using your right brain, your creative self, you are using only half of your mental resources. How do you know if this includes you? Well, if your wondering then chances are good, it does! If your still uncertain, read on and see how you do with this exercise to help you Quantum Healing session preperation.

I’d like to share an exercise that will help to open and “feed” your imagination and help to re-activate the creative right brain. This type of exercise will help those seeking balance from the day to day stress of being a left brained person but even more so, this is for those clients who are preparing for a Quantum Healing session because in these cases, it’s the right brain of the client that we need fully engaged to get the most out of a session.

To assess your level of right brain access, I invite you to play a little game to get a true sense of where you fall on the left-right brain usage scale. Below is an image; use your imagination and picture yourself in the picture as you take it all of it’s details. Write down everything that comes to mind as you immerse yourself in the image.

I’ll give you 5 minutes.

Quantum Healing Session Preperation

Okay, times up! Did you imagine yourself there? What can you tell me?

Now here are three typical responses. First from very left brained and “locked into logic” Client 1:

Client 1: I see an old room. There are stairs and some furniture and a lamp on a table.

Me: Is that all?

Client 1: Well, there is a chair; maybe two of them. Yes, I guess that is all. Oh wait, there is a jacket hung up too!

Client 1, like many people are looking here just to provide the “correct” answer without any embellishment or details. They are usually quick to look back at the image to check on their accuracy.

Let’s move on to Client 2. What can Client 2 tell me?

Client 2: Oh, I am standing in an old wooden house. The floors are wood and there are wooden stairs going upstairs. It is warm and cozy with dinner being cooked. Stew. Venison Stew I think. There is furniture, it’s evening and there is dim lighting. There are a few chairs out so there must have been a gathering, but they have all left now.

Me: Anything else you notice? Anything more you can tell me?

Client 2: Even though it’s warm and cozy inside, it’s kind of cold outside. No one is here but me. I think I am very tired from the gathering.

Client 2 has definitely more right brain involvement in the exercise than Client 1. Details not discernible from the image are provided. The type of stew in the pot, the temperature of the room and outside, the fact that there was just a gathering of some type. There is a general description of themselves as actually being there in the room also this is a very good statement: “I think I am very tired from the gathering.”

Let’s see what Client 3 has to say.

Client 3: I am in my Grandfather’s old cabin home up in the mountains. I actually helped build some of this house when I was just a little boy. Its winter and I just arrived here by horseback after a long journey. I am sitting on a chair. I just took off my wet leather boots. There is a vegetable soup simmering on the stove, I am so happy to be here. We were just about to set the table to eat dinner when we heard the old cow mooing in distress. Grandfather was in such a rush to check on her he forgot his coat that is hanging up.

Me: Where is the old cow?

Client 3: Oh, she is in the little wooden lean-to barn just outside the house. I think she is about to give birth. It’s so good to be back in the mountains again. I actually remember that old cow, her name is Rosie. I have really missed this cabin, and I have missed Grandfather so much. He still looks the same though, strong and healthy.

If I have a client like Client 3, at this point I know I probably won’t have to spend much time encouraging them to use their imagination, because they have done so already in a very nice way. There is emotion, relationship, a story, and a willingness to create other characters and scenes outside of the room where they are located. Some clients begin their “actual” session in just this way. They may go into a similar life with a Grandfather they loved dearly.

So how did you do? Were you more like Client 1 or Client 2 or the very imaginative Client 3? If you were like Client 1, or even Client 2, consider taking some time to flex your imaginative muscles. Make up stories. Use the photo above. How many different stories about that scene can you come up with? How many details, how much emotion, history and meaning can you create? Let your imagination go wild, the wilder the better. Maybe there was a giant outside the room in one scene. Maybe fairies coming in to sprinkle fairy dust all over. Maybe you ARE a fairy. Maybe the house belongs to giants or is merely a set on a reality tv show. Truly, the more you “stretch” and flex your imagination, the better.

The more active and alive your imagination is, the smoother and more productive your Quantum Healing session is likely to be.

You can find more session stories, guided meditations and reserve your own session by going to:

Copyright & Source contribution Candace Craw-Goldman

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