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Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progressions

Many people desperately seek solutions to their insatiable quest for knowing why certain traumas have happened in their life, why they are in toxic relationships or why they have financial difficulties, these pressing questions and hundreds more get answered in a past life regression when done by a professionally trained regression therapist.

Your subconscious has a higher order of regulating harmonic frequencies which do not live in time or space, they are spatial, meaning they can be retrieved when desired or commanded to. This is what happens while facilitating, the Soul understands what must be healed so it opens itself up to the experience which brings you to a place of deep acceptance and healing, if you allow it to be. Many people have the insatiable need to be right or controlling, which never amounts to anything, let alone a healing. These tendencies can me managed and worked with, understanding the full scope and range of why we do certain things, brings freedom from the entrapment.

You have three level to consciousness your unconscious, conscious and subconscious. Just like the brain follows three precise frequencies, alpha, theta, beta level which is your waking mind, your sleeping mind and your dreaming mind. Most people live in the unconscious and theta levels.

While in a regressed state or trance state, the monad is revealing the alpha, subconscious mind, accessing this part of the brain, the amygdala, creates an inversion of perception that the soul reveals to the individuals ego. While in this deeper state of consciousness, the Soul speaks it’s truth and reveals ancient knowledge that is stored in your cellular memory.

Why a past life regression?

Many people feel a longing and question their life, their jobs or career choices, their friendships and family members, their inability to feel one hundred percent ok here on Earth with all it’s challenges. A large percentage of people are suffering from depression or a loss fro their spiritual connection and wonder why and how it left. There are  some people who just have never felt ‘right’ being here on Earth, when I look deeper there is always sign of abandonment or abuse of some sort at an early age, usually before seven.

Their have been a plethora of ailments linked to the human psyche which stunt the emotional body’s growth:  endometriosis, weight gain, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, and many other diseases can be quantified and healed through regression by revealing the core issue that is repeating itself. Usually what one is suffering from in this life is a repeated pattern that has yet to be resolved from other lifetimes, usually with the same players.  It’s always life changing when you realize that your children are your guardian angels or that your lover was your  son lifetimes ago, this revelation can instantly change an misperceived relationship to one of wholeness and understanding.


Session Information

These sessions are around 2 hours long and the focus is on viewing 1 past/future life in detail or 2 shorter past/future lives. These are exploratory journey's in nature with little to no focus on therapy. They are available either in-person or via online and they are also recorded so that you have a copy.

After reviewing the reason to have a session, as well as getting an overview of family members that might show up during your session, we proceed to the hypnosis session.


In a past life regression, if the life we are viewing is about 45 minutes in duration, we proceed to finding out what was learned and what the purpose of the life was. On some occasions, a person has a shorter experience in which case we will look at 2 or more other past lives, always asking what was learned after viewing the end of each life. 

In a future life progression, we will Jump hundreds or thousands of years into the “future” to explore that space/time. As with a past life regression, if the life being viewed is shorter, we will take the time to explore other future lives.

At the conclusion of every session, we will take the time to review the information you received.  

Past Life Regression
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