An Inner Journey to Expanded Consciousness

Humanity is at a critical point in its evolutionary journey towards a more awakened consciousness and transcendence of mass egoic unconsciousness. The individual and collective dysfunction that has reigned supreme for so long is coming to the end of its life cycle; it can no longer be sustained.  With every escalating shift and upheaval of debris in the form of natural disasters and global violence, division and fear, humanity is being called to awaken .... or, if chosen, to remain perpetually in their cycles of madness.  

This isn't me stirring up fear ~ it is a point of fact that anyone can easily see as they look to history, the news and social media.  Each being now finds themselves at a crossroads of either embracing and aligning themselves with the true ‘God essence’ within or remaining in the dream of form, along with all of its upheaval, un-ease and dysfunction.

When we find ourselves lost in the muck of fear and the unknown, we lose awareness and become prisoners to the hive-mind mentality as seen on TV and social media.  Our lives become filled with emotional reactivity, anger and fear causing serious deterioration of our mental, emotional and physical state.  When in the grip of the collective ego like this, clarity and rational are not only impaired, but often lost entirely as we sink deeper and deeper into the dream of form.


The escalating ‘disastrous’ and challenging events being felt throughout the world IS the call for more and more of us to take the necessary inner journey towards conscious evolution, now


When you reside in an alert state of aware consciousness, you are fully connected to your inner wisdom and the deeper dimensions where your many Guides reside and communicate with you.  Your able to receive guidance directly and with ease when you’re in alignment and flow. Your able to bring to the surface all of your innate gifts, purposes and Light.


You are, essentially, not a person and not of this world! You are the consciousness of the universe or, as Jesus put it, “You are the light of the world”. Contradictory as it may seem, there is no better time to discover this truth within yourself than at a time of adversity!

In an Expanded Consciousness Quantum Healing session, you will be gently guided into a theta brain wave state where a deeply relaxed and focused state of awareness awaits you.  ​​When you’re in this trance state, your conscious mind is not actively imposing limitations and so the list of opportunities is truly endless: ​​​

  • Meet the real you beyond the form of your conditioned mind; that which is untouched by time or external influences and conditioning. Go beyond the limitations of your conscious mind and the sense of self that, over your lifetime, you have become identified with. 


  • Take back your innate power to control your conscious mind and its habitual incessant thinking.


  • Experience the realization that you are so much more than a human by delving deep into the formless and relaxed space of Oneness; the very essence of your being; the inter-dwelling Divinity that we all share.


  • Become familiar with the state of relaxed alertness as you begin to align yourself with the flow of the universal unconditional consciousness, also called the Tao and in Buddhism, the "deathless dimension". 


  • Increase body and mind coherence and awareness so that you can begin to feel the energy field of the body and clear blocked energy caused by resistance and egoic thought patterns. 


  • Practice the art of gently transcending the ego, the thinker and its emotional reactions and limitations through a deep union with acceptance with the present moment.  Become friendly and in alignment with whatever form the present moment takes; realizing that it is only in this alignment that anything of any true value can be achieved.


  • Become aware of how the ego controls you, keeping you in the past or future and therefore, hostage to never ending problems and an inability to attain goals and desires.  Tap into the true powerhouse of where positive manifestations are born and brought into your reality.


  • Stop being a spiritual seeker and find a deep sense of completion and perfection NOW.


  • Ease into the innate grace of balance between both dimensions, the form and formless worlds. Bring your newfound wisdom and alignment into your day to day life.

If you are already initiated in a state of higher consciousness, these sessions can help to deepen that connection so as it becomes more and more rooted, you are able to fully embody and live as a Light of Consciousness for the betterment of the collective.

If awakening and enlightenment is a newer concept and practice for you, these sessions will help to initiate and awaken the Light of Consciousness within you.  You cannot know awakening and enlightenment from an intellectual viewpoint; you can only experience and feel it.  It is not something that the mind and it’s conceptual way of thinking can explain and teach. One must be guided so they can experience it for themselves.  It’s an energetic shift and once it happens, it can only grow stronger.  As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know” so it is only when you can experience this high level awareness that you can begin to bring it into your day to day life.  When you do, a natural elevation of the identification you have of yourself occurs ~ you breath easier ~ you live more naturally, and with greater ease and grace.

Anyone rooted in the timeless dimension of consciousness and therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven within, will change the world.  Their Light will shine a transformative light upon all that they interact with and without having to have a need or intention to change anything or anyone, will naturally cause an inner shift to occur in others. They become a blessing and a bridge for others.