Local Group Regression​s and Guided Meditations

Are you a local business offering personal health and wellness services or perhaps heading up a corporate wellness program for your employees?  Or maybe your hosting a party and want to offer something unusual and memorable for your guests. 


With the power of Quantum Healing, individuals can experience a journey into the wisdom of themselves and their ancient past, parallel present, or future possibilities so as to know and be able to become their most optimal selves.

These sessions work well for private gatherings, clubs, meetups, or any place with 5 or more people and can be tailored to your groups specific needs. 


Contact me at QuantumHealer@outlook.com to discuss further.

Come and have an amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis experience in a group setting!  Group regressions can be modified to the uniqueness of any particular group but generally has three parts. The entire group will experience:


1. A past life

2. Meeting their Guide or Guardian Angel

3. Being taken into the Future (100, 200 or 300 years)


This is a fun and great way to experience one or all of this in a group setting!

What exactly is a Group Regression?

A "regression" is a general term for a relaxed experience in which a practitioner/hypnotherapist guides the participants into a light hypnosis (similar to meditative state of mind), where you relax enough to go into the subconscious mind where all memories of other past lifetimes are being stored.


A "progression" is the same as a regression except in this case, you are guided to one of your potential future self or timeline. 

Whatever your journey experience takes you, participants often gain new understanding and knowledge about their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual self through this experience and receive healing. 


Your Higher Self takes you where you need to go. Accomplished by simple visualization and imagery techniques, the entire group is taken back and forward in time and given an opportunity to meet their spiritual guides or guardian angel.


At the conclusion, participants are given time to write down their experiences and if desired, can participate and share in a group interaction and discussion.