FREE Group Regressions

Join me as I lead you into a state of deep relaxation and have the opportunity to journey to 1-2 past lives, other realms and dimensions or even travel throughout the galaxy to meet your guides and galactic family!  Each experience will be new and filled with excitement so feel free to join me at every event as we travel to the past, the future or perhaps a journey to meet your guides, galactic family or even travel throughout the galaxy to see what we can find!  Each experience will be unique and wonderful!

These Group Regression events last approx. 1 hour and are currently being held on-line via my Facebook page which can be found here


Browse through the events scheduled here in Facebook and sign up early to ensure your space is reserved!  Be sure to check back often for any possible changes or even added events.  

How to prepare?  To best prepare, I recommend the following:

  • Ensure your in a quiet space and will not be interrupted for the duration on the regression

  • Lie down or recline in a comfortable place near your computer so you can hear well.

  • If helpful, use earbuds for optimal hearing and exterior noise reduction

  • Have a pad of paper and pen handy for note taking afterwards

  • Prior to beginning, have an intention set. Intentions are really very important but do not have to be complicated.  A couple examples of an intention are to:


"Allow myself to be open to receiving whatever information my Higher Self feels is important for me to know"


"Experience a past life that has helpful insight to my current challenges"

Local Group Regression​s and Guided Meditations

Are you a local business offering personal health and wellness services or perhaps heading up a corporate wellness program for your employees?    


These group sessions help introduce the power of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regressions and Guided Meditations by giving individuals a taste of shorter journeys into the wisdom of themselves and their ancient past, parallel present, or future possibilities.

These sessions work well for private gatherings, clubs, meetups, or any place with 5 or more people and can be tailored to your groups specific needs.  Contact me at to discuss further.

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