Quantum Healing sessions are available both in-person and online so I am able to connect with you wherever in the world you may be! 

Quantum Healing is a means for you to quiet your excessive thinking to move beyond your Conscious Mind so that you can access your Subconscious Mind which is essential because this is where ALL of your current-life habits, patterns, traumas and conditioning reside for healing.


While your Subconscious Mind holds every detail of your current life; we come into our incarnation with cellular memories and in many cases, traumas and patterns from past lives. To access these details for understanding and healing, Quantum Healing takes us to even deeper dimensions and realms to include your Higher Self, Light Council, Spirit Guides, Galactic Family, Ancestors and more. This is also where we are able to request and receive physical healings of any type, if your Higher Self feels it is appropriate to your Higher Purpose. 


Quantum Healing is the only modality in which you are able to access and receive this type of higher guidance, direction on your true path, deep energic healing and physical healing of all that is no longer serving your highest good.

I use 2 types of Quantum Healing methods that enable me to provide Quantum Healing sessions both in-person as well as on-line where you remain in the comforts of your own home. 


Quantum Healing moves beyond Past life Regression and reaches your deepest subconscious and brings forth answers to questions people might have about their lives and bring much healing to the body/mind/heart/soul on the highest levels possible.


You are an extraordinary spiritual being; yet at this moment, most beings are only aware of the smallest part of the self - the superficial you that is playing out the part of existence on this planet. We all know that there is more to us than just our brain and body – the greater part of our being is our Soul, Higher Self, Spirit, Higher Consciousness.


Our connection to higher levels begins and ends inside. We are ALL able to connect to higher levels/dimensions of our own being. Some call it Super-Conscious, Higher Self, fifth dimensional you, and more.  Despite this truth, it is exceptionally difficult for the average person to obtain this awareness and conscious connection due to our human conditioning and the endless streams of thoughts and activities going on in and around us.  I help guide you to your inner stillness and essence that is the truth of who you REALLY are and it's this essence that is always connected to Source, your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides so with this guidance,  you can not only feel and come to know this connection but also communicate and receive answers and knowledge from these higher dimensions.  Once felt and experienced, your conscious awareness of this connection will naturally continue to grow and this is the path of beginning to actually integrate and embody your Higher Self.


This is refined subtle work, but you can receive much knowledge, wisdom, guidance, support, comfort, and healing from all the wonderful entities that exist in higher levels and care for each one of us.


Please note that I do not do the healing. YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience. I am only the facilitator of this process. My intention is to assist you to receive the information you seek so that you can have a very happy and focused life. The power of this experience is that it is YOU telling YOU what the root causes and issues are and how the healing is occurring.


The Information, wisdom, insight, healing and growth you receive from this session are priceless. You will remember this for the rest of your life, and it will help you shift your life in the right direction. 

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