I was nervous and just a bit skeptical if it would all really work, but after getting encouragement from Christine and a practice session, I was able to relax enough to recall some things and gain some insight. I'm still processing through some of it, but it was insightful and kept me on my path of self-discovery. I would recommend anyone with an open mind give it a try. Theophilus Porter

I was very excited and did not know what to expect. I had done my research on QHHT and came across BQH and Christine. It was perfect timing to do this remotely due to being quarantined. She explained the steps clearly to me. Reassured me that I was doing very well and answered all my questions before, during and after. I highly recommend her and will be doing this again. Wende

This was my second session with Christine and honestly, it was even more amazing than the first one! I had them a year apart, and not only did I feel like I have grown so much in that time but Christine as well as a practitioner. She asks all the right questions to guide you in the session and takes a flexible approach that is not as strict as some other practitioners to really make the most out of the session and allow the most information to come through. She is the only practitioner I plan on ever seeing! She is so kind, sweet, patient, and knowledgeable, 10/10 recommend her. Thank you, Christine, you have given me the gift of reconnecting to my soul and that is priceless! Megan H.

Amazing! Would highly recommenced! Can't want to go back! Anonymous

Christine is an incredible practitioner who really hears what you are saying, and works in partnership with you for your self-journey to understanding and healing. She is able to flow with what comes up, and ask questions to help you gain the clarity you are looking for. Her voice is so calming and supportive throughout the process. It is truly a beautiful partnership as you explore your inner world with her guidance and support. I highly recommend Christine.  RJ

I am still in awe of the session I recently had with Christine and have not felt this great in years! I had a session due to life long anxiety and physical ailments - everything I was told made so much sense and everything really came together perfectly! I highly recommend a session to anyone seeking answers - it's amazing!  CWH

I found Christine in a state of spiritual desperation, feeling brushes with 'anxiety attacks' and a feeling like there was something deeper subconsciously tugging at me. My experience was phenomenal, surprising me with rememberances of past lives that connected the dots for me, and relieving me of my upset, and bringing a deep sense of peace- a fundamental energetic shift I needed on the spot. So grateful i was guided to her, as a healing practitioner myself I recommend Christine as an expert healer and a keeper of divine light and gifts. My experience was life changing and life giving. Thank you, Christine!  Karinne Piat

Christine was so patient with me. I really needed to be heard. It was such a great collaboration. I felt bliss.  Always

My wife sent me to see Christine , since I became spiritually awakened, and to do a session with her, we were able to get 3 past lives and to find out what my purpose in my life. I was blown away knowing that we are able to be to our higher self as among other things. Thank you!  David C.

I am thankful to have found Christine and her QHHT practice. My session with her was such an amazing experience. She is such a wonderful person and practitioner with so much patience, understanding and knowledge. I thank her for helping me understand what I was going through. And thank you for helping me connect with my guides! This whole experience was a blessing!! Thank you!   Mel C

Right from the beginning I the got feeling I was in good hands. Christine is so open and honest, I felt at ease. She has an amazing voice and a strong sense of direction and intuition. I felt like she could see what I was seeing and feel what I was feeling. She navigated the session with great ease and flow. It was a great experience and I look forward to having another session with her!  Mirna Rodrigues, MT.

I'm so glad i choose this to help guide me on my spiritual journey. Christine was very helpful in my fears of hypnosis. She gave me all the tools to make my session a success. The whole experience was exactly what i needed. I recommend others to experience this as well.  Johna Countryman


Wow what a great experience! I was shocked my revelations abt seeing fairies since I tell no one that I can. I loved hearing I’m a light being from the sun helping to raise the crystal energy; it really added to my purpose to this life. I was sharing with a friend abt Gia being upset & once again the tears flowed. How powerful was that scene to me & to see the tears too!  What I take away is to trust the universe to give me my desires at the right time and to reexamine all relationships to meet my vibration. I feel great and life will move quickly now!

I had my session today and it went beyond expectations. I was prepared for the session, but still a little unsure of what to expect. I was happy to find I was able to feel very relaxed and ready for the experience. I was able to tie together so many things I have wrestled with and found this to be very healing. Christine was great on the prep work to help me with things that may happen. It felt like I had been under for maybe an hour and found later in total it had been 4 hours. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully not the last. So happy to have this experience to answer so many questions and help me come full circle in some areas.   BeckySue R.


This week has been so nice, and I am changing so much. I don't feel as many issues with emotional decisions when it comes to my kids and that is a huge thing. I have so many plans, but I am trying to absorb last Saturday. There is so much to think about. I don't think I have every had any therapy that was as deep and moving as our session was. It was really amazing. It has helped my confidence so much already, and things even seem easier at work. I don't feel the extreme pressure like I used to, the feeling of needing to "fix" everything.  It was truly a wonderful and amazing experience!

AMAZING!! There is nothing more to say. Absolutely amazing!  Lisa B. 

Thank you, Christine.  You are a very professional and brilliant BQH practitioner. I felt so comfortable and safe within your loving presence. Thank you for this wonderful session. It was so amazing to travel to Atlantis, and revisit a few of my past lives there, within the sea, above ground, and within the planet during those times. It all came together so beautifully, as the varied incarnations were revealed, and this helped me to understand this lifetime from a higher perspective. The energies and frequencies that merged with me were so expansive and loving …so very beautiful …beyond words! I believe I experienced so much more, energetically, than I am consciously aware of.  I'm sure I will feel their effects more so over time. It all really helped me to understand why I am here, and it facilitated a lot of clearing and release and healing. I feel so much more peace, more lightness and freedom, and comfort. I am looking forward to experiencing more of this clearing and expansion in the coming days and weeks.  Thank you for a beautiful session and for enlightening my journey.   Helene, Cumberland BC


I just wanted to say how wonderful my session was with Christine. She is an amazing and wise practitioner. She guided me through several incarnations in Atlantis, where I channeled source energies and did some major integration work.  Here are some of the things I have been experiencing since our really great BQH session.  The most amazing thing that is occurring for me is …I'm feeling a real knowing and feeling of light and love within my energetic field and body …this knowing that I truly am Light and Love.  I feel more wholeness and expansive within my body, consciousness, and energetic field. 
I feel more at peace and trusting that all is well, and that Source and the Universe are supporting me and my journey in this life. I still feel connected to the beings from Atlantis and the beautiful high frequency fish collective …sounds funny, but it feels very enlightening and loving.  Helene, Cumberland BC

As a BQH facilitator, I find the energy brought to a session by the facilitator to be of utmost importance. It is vital to hold the love energies of acceptance, healing, and expansion for the Client. Christine embodied this open and loving energy. We had many technical difficulties with wifi connection on my end and Christine handled it so calmly and professionally. Her energy is so soothing and comforting. I was able to connect clearly and receive valuable information regarding the challenges I'm facing now. I experienced energetic and physical healing. The back problems I was having significantly subsided. I am so excited and pleased with the results. I highly recommend Christine Shanesy as a facilitator.  Jamie, Riverside CA


Since my session 2 months ago, my back pain is still gone!  Jamie, Riverside CA

As a fellow QHHT practitioner, I find Christine very professional, and gifted BQH facilitator. Her friendly attitude, loving energy and deep knowledge genuinely shine through, giving a sense of reassurance and trust.

I had a wonderful session that exceeded my expectations. I connected with my guardian Angels, Archangels, and my Soul’s tribe-an invigorating sense of belongingness and joy that still stays with me. I was revealed the reason of my incarnation here, as well as received valuable messages from the Higher Realm – either through the vision of my “previous” existence and past life or by direct answers. 


All this time Christine was extremely focused on my best interests. It was expressed in her intuitive following and guiding me throughout my journey, and asking meaningful questions on my behalf.  Overall, this experience was incredible and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who’s looking for the best quantum healing experience.  Irene, Wheeling IL

I've had health issues for years and have just felt disconnected so thought I'd try hypnotherapy to see if the causes could be discovered. I had my first session ever with Christine and couldn't be happier! Her compassion and guidance were perfect in helping me relax and despite concerns initially, I had a highly successful session! I havent felt so good in ages! My back no longer aches and I feel like I can take on the world! I highly recommend Christine!!  Sandy N., Chicago

Christine has such a kind heart and was able to help me understand and see things from a higher perspective, even before our first session, which really changed my life.  During my long distance Reiki session, I could feel the warmth and love being sent - it permeated every cell of my body!  I have never felt better and more alive! Thank you Christine; you are truly a blessing!     Sandy, St. Louis 

I was a skeptic in trying QHHT for the first time. I was afraid it wouldn't work for me but Christine encouraged me to talk to myself before my session and ask my subconscious to help me. I told myself to be open and to allow the process. It worked. Amazing!    Catherine, Bolingbrook

 I found Christine after many months of searching for someone I would truly be comfortable with. Despite long lists of questions, she was always patient and kind.  I hadn't been able to 'let go' in a past hypnosis session that I tried years ago but this time was different. I was more prepared and comfortable - Christine was able to guide me to 3 different past lives and connect with my Higher Self.  I understand events and aspects of myself more that I ever would have thought possible. The extent of healing that I have undergone is truly amazing!  Bill, Hanover Park

I had a QHHT session that was simply amazing! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to be hypnotized but Christine was great! By the time we even got started, I felt like I had known Christine forever - she made me feel so relaxed! My past life experiences were mind blowing and being able to get answers from my Higher Self was greater than I ever would have imaged! I highly recommend Christine!!  Kathy, Chicago

I was hesitant in trying hypnosis but decided to go for it after talking with Christine. I simply felt a connection and so despite any concerns, my instincts were to drop my fears and give it a try. I have no real traumas or health issues but have been curious for years about any galactic relations I might have and boy was I in for a treat! Finding out that I was a Guardian of the Stars rang SO true for me and really explained so much of my fascination with them! I also learned other things of a personal nature; things that I had never even consciously been aware of before hand. These were things I learned from visiting a past life as a boy who experienced events that explained so much in my current life. I really feel fortunate to have found Christine and highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers or just curious to know more about themselves from a soul and spirit level.   Tom, Orlando FL

I've had health issues for years and after reading a few Dolores Cannon books, decided to try QHHT. I had an online session with Christine twice. The first time wasn't overly successful; just found it hard to relax and let go so she gave me a few relaxation exercises to do and gave me a second session for free. Being better prepared and having an idea of what to expect, the 2nd time was amazing! I was shown 2 past lives and both were so revealing and helpful in understanding much of what I've been dealing with lately but the real magic was with my Higher Self! Wasn't sure if it really worked but over the next week, I felt better with each day until finally, I could actually walk without a limp! I never would have believed it unless I experienced it for myself! I am a new woman with a new appreciation and gratitude with life! Knowing what I know now, I feel so empowered! If you've never tried it, have questions or are ready for any type of healing - you've just got to try it!  Amanda, Orland Park IL

Christine is super knowledgeable and personable in her practice. From the moment we had our first consultation I knew we would be a great fit to work together. She has my best interest at heart, and is very easy going. I look forward to continuing future sessions with her. She has a lot of great advice and insight. I would highly recommend her to anyone new to QHHT not sure where to begin. She made my first time experience so relaxing and I really could open up. She is exactly the guide I needed for this journey , very lucky to have found her.    Jamie, Denver CO

I very much think I saw what I needed to see and lessons learned from talking to the higher self. Like I said in session, nothing new was learned, just shown a different perspective. Things have definitely been presented. New things have been coming to me. The ball of energy I witnessed is love. It's not how we have been told it is in mainstream life. Love happens whenever people connect on the most basic level. I've also been looking up at the clock to see a lot of 1011 and 1111s. Feel like I've been channeled a bit through a little writing I've done.  I was most importantly given perspective on where I was going wrong what I can do different. Overall very profound experience. Not in a crazy way. But I got exactly what I needed.   Joe, Sycamore IL

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