Galactic Realm and Birthdate Readings

Ancient Chinese medicine birthed the Nine Star Ki system as a way of using a birthdate to discover and look closely at patterns of yin and yang energy in our environment over time and understanding how these energy movements affect each of us. Comparable to and compatible with Western Astrological systems using the Zodiac, and the Chinese Animal Horoscope system, Nine Star Ki is a tool to becoming aware of our energetic tendencies, understanding our patterns of behavior, and managing our future and destiny.

Similar to this, a person's physical appearance and overall personality and preferences can also be used to trace your galactic lineage to reveal your originating Galactic Realm.  Their is so much more to our individual stories than what we see in our every day physical world; each one of us originated from very far galaxies and worlds ... or Realms.  

By tapping into the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and bringing these two highly attuned studies together, we're able to form a "map" of your personality, who you truly are, your strengths and challenges and what your true calling in this life is.  This is highly empowering, giving you new insights and validations about yourself, helping you break free of old limitations that will help you achieve personal awareness and success.


When you have a Realm and Birthdate Reading, the information and analysis will be provided to you in a report format and sent to you in a PDF for easy reference.  These reports are typically around 10 pages in length.

​In order to do a Realm Reading, please download and complete the questionnaire that will be provided at check out. Once completed, please return it to, along with at least two photos of you - one close-up photo and a second full figure photo.  She will also need the month/day/year of your birth for your Birthdate reading.


If you have ever asked these or similar questions, a Realm and Birthdate Reading can help you! 

  • What type of work would I be happiest doing?

  • Why do I find it hard to concentrate?

  • What type of person am I most comparable with?

  • What type of area would I be most happy living in?

  • Why am I drawn to science and not creative arts?

  • Why is it difficult for me to accept help from others?

  • Why am I so shy?

  • Why am I drawn to the ocean and so fascinated by dolphins?

  • Why do I always seem to be advocating for others?

  • Why do I find it so difficult to talk about my emotions?

Your Originating Realm

Have you ever wondered why certain people are just born so quiet while others jump up and down with laughter wherever they go? Why some people are so attracted to machines while some other are attracted more to working with people?

Basically, Realms are places where your soul originated from or has spent the majority of time in prior to this lifetime. Like astrology and numerology, incarnated realms shape your physical appearance, personality traits, your likes and dislikes, life purposes, style of relationship, etc. It is said that the more recent you’ve spent time in a specific realm, the more you will relate to the physical characteristics and personality traits ascribed to each specific realm. These realms still exist in present time, and it’s possible to connect with your realm even if you can’t see them or conceive that they exist.


There are four Core Realms which include the Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Starpeople and The Wise Ones.  There are also numerous Blended Realms; some of which include the Mystic Angels, Knights Paladin and Galactic Knights, Aladdin Genies, Atlanteans, Incarnated Cherubs, Mystic Stars, Leprechauns and Merpeople.  

Each realm type is unique in physical characteristics, personality, passion and soul purpose.  By having a deep understanding of which Realm your most aligned with, you get the chance to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and give all the best you can to the world.

Your Birthdate Meaning

Discover your inner design and how your birthdate reveals the plan for your life! The system I use is not based upon astrology or numerology but is instead, based upon Chinese medicine and the patterns and their meanings, called the Nine Star Ki.

Evolving over thousands of years, ancient Chinese scientists developed a very deep understanding of how all of life works, and they did this by observing life in all of its many forms, including human beings. They developed a very sophisticated understanding of patterns in nature and the meanings within those patterns. Everything has a design, a plan, a purpose and so do human beings so everything born has within it, an inner design. While these inner designs are always perfect in design, human beings become conditioned to judge, doubt and be self-critical and so we believe there is something within us that needs to change or be improved upon and therein lies our journey away from our original nature; we then spend a lifetime journeying back home to ourselves and our true inner design and nature.

This system is one of the most profound ways to show you who you really are in the most authentic ways possible. Once you discover your inner design, you’ll observe these patterns showing up in your life on many levels. You may discover why your drawn to a certain lifestyle, career and even certain types of relationships.  You’ll observe how your inner design affects everything you think and do; and this is a huge gift on many levels because it can take you to a place where you can finally understand who you really are, and come to a place of love and acceptance so that you can then create a life that is more in alignment with who you truly are and because of that, things will unfold naturally and effortlessly. You won’t struggle anymore in trying to figure out what to do with your life or feel the stress in attracting the right people into your life. Your energy changes when you step into alignment with your inner design, and it’s that relaxed flow that you will see evidence of throughout your life. This information will also shine a light upon all of those ‘stories’ that you’ve been telling yourself about who you think you are; the story that has been limiting you. When you can realize why repetitive events keep happening, it empowers you to move beyond all of your blocks and false beliefs so you can step into the life that you truly deserve.

According to Nine Star Ki, we have three Stars allocated to our date of birth. The first number is our Primary Number and represents our Overall Personality. The second number is our Emotional Self and describes our childhood behavior pattern—it is who we are until we have completed two nine-year cycles or until we reach age 18. It also shows how we respond to pressure. Many of us revert to our childhood nature under these situations. The Third number is our energetic number or as defined here, your Life Challenges and Your True Calling. It describes the “face” we show to others upon first meeting and it governs the impression we create.

When you have a Birthdate Reading, you will receive a full detailed reading that covers:

  • Your Overall Personality

  • Your Emotional Self

  • Your Life Challenges and True Calling

As part of this report, you will also be given your Future Personal Seasons which are those future years that you can anticipate being highly influenced by significant events and/or changes, so you can then apply the insights provided in knowing how to live in the rhythm of that time.  

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